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David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 10" - 11CD


Well the highlight is a couple of upgrades from '76 and '78...

HUG076CD Frankfurt 1976-04-13
Source: arcorman. Those of you with a longer memory may remember my Bowie Duffers Challenge a
couple of years back, with clips of my ten worst gigs. Well Frankfurt was right near the top of the pile, the version I'd previously got rating 1½-2/10. Well I'm not pretending that this one's perfect, but I'm more than happy with it.

The sound is variable, the tracks from side 1 of the tape do still have some remnants of hiss that I couldn't shift, and the volume is variable (I'm assuming from it being a stealth recording. But none of it's intrusive, and from Stay onwards, it's a pretty decent recording. SQ around 7½.

By the way, the Linus Band songs were on the other side of the tape. I'm not embarrassing myself by including them here!

HUG077CD Philadelphia 1987-07-30
Source: arcorman. This isn't the most dynamic of recordings, the difference between the tops and bottoms of the wave curves being less than usual. Decent enough recording, no more. SQ 8-8½.

HUG078CD will be in volume 11

HUG079CD Nagoya 1973-04-12
Source: previous torrents (see notes file). Quite simply, this is a clean up of the 2 CD version that was torrented a couple of years back. There was a whacking great chunk of hiss obscuring a very decent recording on that, and I've scraped it away. It reveals some tidal sound on the first half, and quite excellent sound on the second half. SQ 7½-8½.

HUG080CD Berlin 1991-10-17 (Tin Machine)
Source: arcorman. Sounds a little distant and, like the Philly '87 above, perhaps limited dynamics; but decent enough recording that was a new one to me. SQ 8-8½.

HUG081CD Toronto 1978-05-01
Source: Noggin. Another big rescue of a concert with a lousy version in circulation. My existing copy of this was 2½-4½/10: a dog. This one, on the other hand, is a really nice recording. It's perhaps missing a little brightness, but otherwise it's a great listen and a very enjoyable gig. SQ 8-8½.

HUG082CD Philadelphia 1983-07-18
Source: arcorman. Pretty decent Serious Moonlight gig. Excepting slightly muffled sound during Stay (perhaps the taper was hiding his kit under his coat) really nice sound throughout. SQ 8½.

HUG083CD Pensacola 1990-04-29
Source: AndreF. Perhaps a shade down on the quality of other Andre F tapes, both in terms of quality and also the performance from David and the guys. OK sound, but AndreF set quite a high standard. SQ 8 (8½ at a pinch).

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 9" - 12CD


HUG070CD Newcastle 1978-06-14
Source: Noggin. Real curate’s egg this one. As soon as you start listening, you can hear that it’s fantastically close to the source – very lo gen. However, it soon becomes clear that the taper’s kit wasn’t quite up to the volume of the show.

In the end, it does rather depend on where you listen to this one. On my car radio, it’s pretty damned distorted; on the hi-fi, or on the 5-1 surround from my computer’s sound car, it’s pretty good. Try Sense Of Doubt for the true quality of this recording; watch out for Blackout and the end of Station To Station, where it’s at its most distorted. SQ 8 or 7, depending on where you listen!

As stated in the forum ( my plan had been to provide an upgrade to this concert.  The recording I had with much better sound, however, turned out to be a misdated version of HUG158CD, so was no help (and see further on the re-up of HG19 about the erroneous date on HUG158CD).

I managed to get two further versions of the 14th June gig from Mike Jewell and another taper friend.  In the end, Mike's turned out to be from the same source as HUG070CD, and not quite to the same quality.  The other version was from a different source (no distortion, all of Soul Love present), but the quality was way down - perhaps 6/10 - so simply not usable).

So as it stands, for all its shortcomings, I believe that this is the best quality you're going to get for this concert, until someone turns up with a completely new recording.  It isn't to the usual HG standards, so if that puts you off, skip this one and take the rest of HG9.

HUG071CD Brussels 1990-04-20&21
Source: AndreF. I kid you not when I say I’ve been working on this one since the end of November last year! It was originally slated for HG5, but in the event, I only finished it last weekend!

The issue is on the first concert, from the 20th. I’d have given up long ago, but this is the gig with Amsterdam, so history says it needs to be out there! The tape has some extremely persistent hiss, which it’s been a real chore to shift. As well as iZotope RX, I’ve tried Goldwave, re-recording using Dolby B and C and using an alternative source (arcorman), but with only mixed results. Finally iZotope RX2 with multiple iterations worked.

In the end, the sound quality is a little variable (it’s a rougher recording than usual from AndreF), so I’d give the SQ only 8/10 – but historical significance makes it essential. It’s also worth listening out to the quite extraordinary sounds that one of the taper’s near neighbours makes during the gig!

The concert on the 21st, on the other hand, is a much more typical Andre F tape, with beautiful 1st gen sound. SQ 9/10. Both concerts have material from the soundchecks as well – take it or leave it!

HUG072CD Manchester 1991-11-03 (Tin Machine)
Source: AndreF. Simply just a great quality It’s My Life concert. SQ 9/10.

The tape of this one included a very very extended recording of the concert introduction – hiss from the TV screen, the lot – we’re talking just under ten minutes. IMHO, it’s not a lot of fun to listen to, so I cut it down to the last 1:25. The full intro, however, is also included as track 300 – so if you want all of it, just switch the tracks.

HUG073CD Manchester 2002-07-10
OK, way out of the typical Hunky Geordie zone here, but a special one. If you haven’t been to
Tarquin’s blogspot ( it’s well worth checking out. He has, however, only listed one Bowie concert, and shortly after it appeared, the Megaupload crash effectively killed it off.

So this is from Tarquin’s DAT master, with minimal tidying up from me. Quite superlative sound in places, touching live album quality on the quieter songs. SQ 9/10 – easy.

HUG074CD Madrid 1987-07-06
Source: Arcorman. Like the Vienna gig last month, beautiful lo-gen recording. SQ 9/10.

So only five bootlegs this month, I’m afraid, but six concerts and some are rather special. This marks a bit of a watershed in the Hunky Geordie project. To this point, I’ve been mostly reliant upon Andre F’s tapes. The back of these, however is broken: whereas the material from Arcorman is plentiful and, in many cases, of a similar quality. So from HG10, you’ll find the balance tilting towards Arcorman (which also means that the spread across the tours will be better as well – more seventies, less 1990.

HG 10 is already put to bed (just to tease, there’s an Aladdin Sane concert and a tricky one from the White Light Tour as well), and the recording up to HG13 all transferred. Expect the first sixer tape to appear in HG11.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 8" - 12CD


HUG061CD Frankfurt 1990-04-05
Source: AndreF. Nice enough Sound+Vision recording from early in the tour. David in reasonable
chatty form. SQ 9/10

HUG062CD Copenhagen 1978-05-31
Source: Noggin. Hmm, nice. Pimm Jal, while giving this an 8/10 rating, refers to a 90-minute version that’s 10/10. I think this is it: lovely sound. Clearly someone did some good work in Scandinavia on this tour, what with Gothenburg and Oslo as well.

Needed a little cleaning up, and there are a couple of tape wobbles in the Ziggy songs. Being a C90, it runs out just before the end of Station To Station, but someone has been kind enough to edit in the ending plus Stay from another (inferior) source. I’d say it’s an easy 9/10.

HUG063CD Munich 1990-04-10
Source: AndreF. Keeping the Sound+Vision recordings in Germany this time. This is quite superb sound, on a par with the lovely Rotterdam and Docklands Arena recordings. It does get a little loud in places, and it’s a tad distorted from Heroes onwards, but overall fantastic. 9/10. To cap it all, you get four lines of Heroes in German…

HUG064CD Vienna 1987-07-01
Source: arcorman. Keeping up the theme of high quality recordings, this one’s a beaut. Not a master recording, but clearly very close. Easy 9/10.

HUG065CD Dania, FL 1972-11-17
Source: Noggin. OK, a serious recording here. I’ve seen so many names for the venue for this one (I always knew it as the Jai Alai Fronton in Pirate’s Cove, Miami, back in the day) but a thread on Bowie Wonderworld ended the discussion for me by having a scan of an advert for the gig.

Noggin’s copy of this was a lovely recording: much lower gen that I’ve previously heard. It also responded very well to cleaning up with iZotope RX. What this has revealed is a little tidal sound on the early tracks (presumably a tape spool slightly off centre on the master or one of its immediate copies), but not enough to disappoint: and from a little blip during Space Oddity onwards, even that dissipates.

It’s a lovely recording and a fantastic recording: with great atmosphere from the crowd. SQ 8½/10.

Did find a possible upgrade in Graham Mac's tapes.  It would have been a marginal SQ improvement, but it had one gap too many - there didn't seem any value in a marginal change to sound quality in return for losing music.

HUG066CD Capital Radio Interview 1976-77
Source: Noggin. There’s some good stuff this month! When Noggin gave me his tapes, he made
specific reference to the Maggie Norden Capital Radio interview: as he’d never seen anyone else
trading it. So here it is.

Broadcast on 2nd June 1976, this combines a slightly wobbly career retro, plus interviews with David and fans on his arrival at Victoria Station – the legendary day with the press-faked Nazi salute. It’s less than half an hour, so I’ve added Noggin’s tape of Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It with Nicky Horne from 20th October 1977. This one’s an interview and also a fan phone in. The sound on it starts a little growly, but it improves after the first link.

I’m no great fan of interviews, but these are both fascinating items from just the right era. Just to mention, it had been my intention to include Boston 1976 in this batch, but there was some stubborn hiss that just wouldn’t shift on it, so these are here by way of compensation.

HUG067CD Tin Machine: Paris 1991-10-30
Source: AndreF. Don’t be put off by the early tracks on this one. I guess that the taper was either dancing, or standing in the wrong place, so the sound is a little wobbly for the first three or four songs. But then it improves nicely, and it’s great sound for the rest of the recording. SQ: 9/10 once it gets going.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 7" - 13CD


Slight technical hitch with volume 7. I’d got seven recordings lined up for you, but only room for six. Ah well, we’ll have to see what can be done.

HUG054CD Tin Machine: Brixton Academy 1991-11-10
Source: Source 2. You don’t have to look too hard to find a recording of the magnificent TM gig on 11th November, but the night before isn’t so easy to track down. A hidden gem amongst the source 2 tapes. Not as lo gen as the Andre F tapes, but still pretty low (2nd or 3rd gen I’d guess). SQ: 8½.

But what makes this special is the soundcheck. Over half an hour of it, and playing proper songs as well, not just noodling about and heavy breathing. Good quality and a surprisingly good listen.

HUG055CD Quebec City 1990-03-04
Source: Andre F Arcorman. Special gig this one, in that it was the first night of the Sound + Vision Tour. Good full set. Was going to give you the Andre F recording, which is as near to the master as usual: but unfortunately it wasn’t usable – oversaturated and distorted throughout (and I have a hunch that the master is probably out there and in the same condition). Fortunately there was another version in the arcorman hoard, and while, again, it’s probably 2nd or 3rd generation, it’s still a decent recording. SQ 8½. Quality seems to drop off a little for the encores at the end – perhaps the taper started dancing!

HUG056CD Jordal Stadion, Oslo 1990-08-22
Source: AndreF. Perfectly serviceable recording from the European festival leg at the end of the Sound + Vision tour. Short set, but excellent sound. SQ 9/10.

HUG057CD San Diego Sports Arena, 1974-09-11 [UPGRADE]
Source: nicmac. I make no secret, and offer no apologies, for my love of the Soul Tour. It’s just a shame there are so few tapes in circulation, and of those, how many are rather doggy.

In the original HG7 I upped Noggin's version of this gig.  I compared Graham Mac's version, and it sounds a generation or two lower - good enough to count as an upgrade, if not the ultimate version.  It's still got that whoosh on disc 2 around the hi-hat.

I know that there are versions around that are closer to the master (I know because I’ve received a sample of one), but in the meantime, I believe this is a worthwhile upgrade to the versions that are in “normal” circulation. SQ 7½.

HUG058CD Palais des Sports, Lyon 1983-05-24
Source: Noggin, well mostly. Quite lovely lo gen recording from the Serious Moonlight tour. Only problem was that Noggin only had a C90, so the final two songs were missing. Arcorman to the rescue. With what seems to be a similar-gen recording from the same source, the final two songs are back. Great sound on this, comfortable 8½.

This is where I ran out of space. Let’s see what the Easter bunny will bring in a day or two…
[Sorry, also working on a possible upgrade to HUG059CD, so that will take longer than a day or two...]

HUG060CD Glasgow Apollo 1978-06-20
Source: Arcorman. Second night at the Apollo. It’s the same source as the Ice On The Cages second volume, but to my ears, with brighter sound. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet too much, but I haven’t been so chuffed with the art for a bootleg in a goodly while! SQ: 7½ to 8.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 6" - 15CD


There are no less than four upgrades from the original MWP release, read on...

HUG044CD Madison Square Garden, New York 1978-05-09 - UPGRADE
This is the one that held up the re-up of HG6 - I hope you agree it's worth it.  There's one hell of a tale on this one.  Back for the MWP release, I had two single disc versions - one from Noggin that was over-Dolbyed, but had a nice warm feel to it; and one from Arcorman that was higher quality, and which I went with in the end.

Subsequently, learm upped a version of the full concert, and MBF sent me a tape of the whole gig - so an upgrade was a must.  Unfortunately the MBF version wasn't up to the quality of the learm recording, so I had to bale out.  I asked learm if it would be possible to add his to the single-disc version to make it a 3-disc special, and he was happy to let me do that.

Starting work on the new version, however, two things became apparent - that the Arcorman version was simply the first 60% of the learm version, and that the learm version had a fair bit of residual hiss, as well as missing the key band intros.  I made progress with the hiss, so contacted Mike Jewell to see if he could help out with the band intros.  He sent me both of his recordings - both of which ran rings around everything else I'd tried to that date!

So what you have here is the version Mike sent that was on CD (the other was on MD).  It's an absolute beaut - a solid 9/10, and beats any other version of this gig I've heard.  Major major upgrade.  So a big "thank you" to both Mike and learm for their help in this.

About the date...  This concert has always circulated as the 7th May.  For a long time, lists had three New York dates 7th-9th.  When I upped the original, however, betty07 and Mike were both adamantly pointing out that there wasn't a concert on the 7th - and if you check out the tour itinerary in the Stage packaging, it agrees with this.

So until anyone can prove to the contrary, the correct date is 9th May - and it's distinctive by the "Dennis Davis on percussssssssion."

HUG045CD Torhout Festival 1997-07-04
Source: Source 2. Yes you are reading correctly, an Earthling gig. It’s about as late as any of the tapes go, and only source 2 goes this late. Beautiful quality recording, except for Quicksand, which has the backside completely ripped out of it for 32 seconds when the levels go wrong and it’s massively over-saturated. Otherwise a 9/10 in anybody’s money.

HUG046CD Festa Nationale di Modena 1990-09-08
Source: AndreF. HUG028DVD, back in January, was the DVD version of this concert, where David so gloriously loses his temper. It’s a good quality recording, wavering between 8½ and 9 – but what is it about Italian crowds that means they have to chatter. All the time. Whole way through the gig. And by the way, Riccardo, she’s looking for you – OK?

HUG047CD Stadspark “de Goffert”, Nijmegen 1990-08-18
Source: andref. Lovely quality again, hitting 9/10 for me.

HUG048CD Wembley 1987-06-19 UPGRADE
The original HG6 had Noggin's master tape.  I was always a bit haunted by that one however - it was a fairly distant recording, and there were whacking great chunks missing, that I clumsily plugged from another source.

This one's from Source 2, and is simply a more homogeneous recording.  Decent sound the whole way through, no big gaps.  SQ: 8½ and I'm much happier with it!

HUG049CD Wembley 1976-05-08 UPGRADE
HG6 had my old tape in it, which was good quality, but missing Word On A Wing and The Jean Genie.  This one's from Arcorman, and not only does it include the two missing songs, but it's an upgrade in terms of sound quality as well.  A lush 9/10.

Original notes:
Source: arcorman. Sounds like a maximum of third gen, possibly second. Nice quality, the only gripes being that Modern Love is missing, and that at the start of disc 2 the taper seems to be wandering around, so the volume goes up and down a little. SQ 8½-9.

Going through the Graham Mac tapes (nicmac) I found Edmonton, and thought I'd check it out.  If anything, slightly better sound (9/10) and clearly from a different source.  Modern Love is present now (unfortunately the band intros aren't).  Two nicely complementary versions.

HUG053CD Boston 1974-11-15
My old tape. No two ways about it, by a country mile my favourite of the batch! There’s some debate about which Boston gig is which, but I’ve been in correspondence with an “old school” collector who got all three direct from the States shortly afterwards. He’s checked carefully, and confirms that the Maloney recording that’s in circulation as a silver (Plastic Soul, etc) has been mislabelled as 15th.  The Maloney gigs are the 14th and the 16th, and the short tape (popularly known as “I’m Only Dancing” is from the 15th).

And that’s what you have here. I’ve not come across a better version than this. OK, so there’s a little jingle in the upper ranges, but it’s got power and swagger. SQ probably only 7½, but simply fantastic.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 5" - 12CD


HUG037CD Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland 1990-06-19&20
Source: andref. Two absolutely excellent concerts. The only quibble is that there are a couple of places in each gig where there’s a little volume fluctuation, otherwise these are absolutely excellent.

Don’t forget that the 20th features Bono on guest vocals for Gloria. SQ: 9.

HUG038CD TIN MACHINE: Mayfair, Newcastle 1991-11-05
Source: andref. I was ready to up an inferior version of this that andref sent in HG4, when he suddenly came up with an upgrade! I have to say that, while this is very good sound, it’s somewhat disappointing as it could have been quite superb sound. When I first did the track splits the sound blew my socks off – but you do track splits on the quiet bits, and when I heard the loud bits…

You may remember in HG2 that the next night’s concert (in Liverpool) was there, and it was a betty07 recording from one of the first times he used his new rig. Well this is the previous night. So the same issue at the start (two minutes of blare) is here again. What’s a shame, however, is that the left channel remains a little too loud for the whole gig. There’s oversaturation throughout, and I’ve tried to turn the levels right down, but it’s on the source tape. In the end I copied the right channel over with a 0.002 second offset. It sounds really good – but it could have been quite fantastic. SQ: 8½ or 9.

HUG040CD Empire Pool, Wembley 1976-05-05
Source: noggin. Was going to give you my tape from the 8th, but when I heard this one from Noggin, it jumped the queue. Absolutely great sound, lovely recording. SQ 8½.

HUG041CD Werchter Festival 1987-06-02
Source: andref. 1st gen recording, but just remember it’s an outdoor gig. SQ 8 or 8½.

Note that I've got an alternative version of (most of) this concert - expect to see it in the re-up of Hunky Geordie's Slight Seconds, Volume 2.

HUG042CD NEC, Birmingham 1983-06-06
My tape. When I went to see David at Milton Keynes on 2nd July that year, saw the lads outside with the ghetto blasters selling tapes from the earlier gigs. They were playing this one, and I bought it straight away – so I know it’s first gen! Disc one is quite excellent sound. Disc two is a little overcooked for the main part, and the first five minutes of Stay are just blasted. Had a higher gen recording from andref, and it’s exactly the same – clearly on the master. SQ: 9 on disc 1; 8½ on disc 2.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 4" - 13CD


Excitingly, it included the first transfer from a noggin tape [but ironically, this has now been replaced!]…

HUG030CD Paris Pavillon, 1978-05-25 [UPGRADE]
The original source was from noggin. A sight to strike fear into any collector of older tapes, however – a MEMOREX tape!  Although very nice sound, it was subject to stretch and speed fluctuation.

This upgrade is from nicmac (see later HG batches for who he is).  Sound is easily as good (8 or 8½/10) but it’s good the whole way through and no wobbles.

HUG031CD Maine Road, Manchester, 1987-07-15
Source: andref. The previous night’s gig was in HG3 and I promised that this one was even etter quality. Here you go then – you don’t get many Glass Spider gigs sounding as good as this. SQ 9.

HUG032CD Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD, 1990-07-19
Source: andref. First of two S+V bootlegs that are in very limited circulation due to very apparent flaws. Never come across this one before. It appears that the taper’s batteries were right at the limit: so seven songs recorded which, when played back, ran comically fast; then a loud “phut” and it expires partway into Stay! With speed correction, it’s now really nice sound, but only half an hour of the gig. SQ 9.

HUG033CD TIN MACHINE: The World, New York 1989-06-14 [UPGRADE]
Original source was andref. Alternative recording to the rather tinny “Virgin Tin” of the band’s debut live appearance. Was decent sound, if not spectacular, and I had to take dozens of tiny microphone blips out of the recording.

This upgrade is from Arcorman (see HG5 for who he is) and it’s better (not FM quality, but better).  Beefier sound, and no crap to remove.  SQ between 8 and 8½/10.

HUG034CD Milton Keynes 1990-08-04
Source: andref (interview from source2). Lovely recording of this gig – it’s the day BEFORE the radio one FM recording. It sounds, however, like the taper moved position for the encore (Changes onwards) as the final three songs are comparatively muffled. SQ 9 till then.

And some bonuses. I’ve added in the radio one interview with Mark Goodier, which was recorded on the 4th, but broadcast the following day; and a recording from the soundcheck – which is really good sound, around 8½. The bonus disc is fairly short – it could all fit comfortably onto two CDs, but a three-disc format seems better.

Update from the subsequent feedback from MWP was that this was a betty07 recording, on a Sony Prop Walkman, and that the sound change for the encores happened after changing tapes.

HUG035CD St Louis Arena, 1990-06-10
Source: andref. The second flawed S+V recording. It’s a beautiful recording, if a little on the trebly side, but it appears that the master tape tangled, affecting three songs. I’ve repaired one (Let’s Dance), removed a gap from a second (The Jean Genie) but the first 1:50 of Space Oddity is wrecked.

Once you get past that, however, a really good concert. SQ 8½ (ignoring the tangles).

HUG039CD TIN MACHINE: New York Academy Theatre, 1991-11-29
Source: andref. To finish, a real treat, with an FM recording of Tin Machine. Bowie in a skittish mood, so it’s great fun, as well as a cracking concert.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 3" - 12CD

All transfers from Andre F tapes, except where stated.

HUG013CD  Brussels, Vorst Nationaal  1976-05-11

A lower-gen recording than the "Brussels Vorst Nationaal 1976" bootleg, from which I removed some low-level rumble (tape transporter mechanism) and hiss. Lovely sound on the whole, a little muffled on Station To Station and the second half of Five Years.  SQ: 8-8½/10

HUG017CD  Manchester, Maine Road  1987-07-14

Excellent quality audience recording. Transferred from a 1st gen tape, on which side the start and ends were faded in/out.  SQ: 9/10

HUG018CD  London Docklands Arena  1990-03-27

It's beautiful sound, would appear that the source tape got a little tangled: so there are little tape flutters during Changes and Rebel Rebel (which would have been on side 1 of the source tape) and Young Americans and Fame '90 (presumably on the equivalent places on side 2). Doesn't detract massively, however.  SQ: 9/10

HUG019CD  Milan, Palatrussardi  1990-04-13/14

Both (13th-14th April 1990) at Palatrussardi in Milan. Both nights are excellent audience recordings (usual chatter in the background from an Italian concert!).  SQ: 9/10

HUG021CD  Tokyo, Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Kaikan  1973-04-08

There are at least two CD version of this around - Miscellaneous of Cats and First Landed Japan (both q.v.), both of which have pretty poor sound.

This is from a much lower gen source (either needledrop from the vinyl version, or source tape for the vinyl). I've corrected the speed and done two passes to remove hiss using iZotope RX denoiser. It's by no means perfect, and some hiss does persist in the middle, but it's now a very listenable recording.  SQ: 8/10

Note, however, that I've since categorised this as one of the Hunky Geordie Problem Tapes (  Since upping this, good quality recordings of the full concert have come along (not least in the Japan 1973 boxed set).  I don't have a tape to upgrade this with, so it's retained here for completeness sake, and because it still stands as a restoration of the original source.  If you don't need it, however, I'd suggest skipping this one.

HUG025CD  Radio Tin (Promotional appearances and interviews from 1991)

Sourced from various tapes, from memory mostly from Source 2.  The Paramount City recording (from TV) is a little below par (SQ 9/10) but otherwise FM quality throughout.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 2" - 13CD

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 2"

HUG012CD Bercy, Paris 1990-04-02 AND 03
Haven’t seen the 2nd around before. When transferring the andref tape, found it was below the
standard of the other recordings. When subsequently playing it in the car to test it, found it was wholly unsuitable. By a stroke of luck, another copy was in source 2 that was substantially better (and seems to be from a separate taper) – so it’s the source 2 version here. It’s lo gen. There was clearly an issue at the concert with the tom-toms being over-miked (this was an issue on both recordings) which can cause a bit of a throb at times, but otherwise it’s a decent recording. David reports that he and the band have influenza (or laryngitis at one stage) so short set. SQ – around 8½.

The 3rd is an andref tape, and a different source to Visions & Sounds/Paris Au Printemps, so doesn’t tread on the toes of Savage Jaw 11. This is a really sweet recording – the taper’s rig is probably not of as high a standard as the one for SJ and his/her position sounds a bit further away. In return, however, the sound is particularly well-balanced, with a real emphasis on the vocals – putting Belew’s guitar w*nkery lower in the mix. Very enjoyable concert. SQ – around 8½ again.

HUG013CD Still sorting out the sound on this one, so it’s postponed to HG volume 3.

HUG014CD McNichols Arena, Denver, CO 1990-06-02
Andref tape again. Had to do some major speed correction on this one. Too loud at the start, but settles down about a minute into Space Oddity, and turns out to be a very enjoyable concert, David in excellent humour. SQ – again, around 8½, pushing 9.

HUG015CD Earl’s Court, London 1978-07-01
This is one of mine. Got it in a trade back in 1983 – I can’t remember who it was with, but very clearly remember it being AD90 tapes, which suggests that it was a one-off trade. Didn’t particularly think about proximity to the master back then, but it’s clearly pretty damn low. Tidied-up some of the sound and did another speed correction (running too fast) and am very pleased indeed with how it’s come out. Given comments I’ve seen on recordings of this gig of late, I reckon it’s going to be an upgrade for most. SQ – close to 9.

HUG016CD Tin Machine – Liverpool 1991-11-06
Andref tape. Don’t be put off by the first track, where the volume was set incorrectly and the sound absolutely thrashed. Once that’s out of the way, this is a gorgeous recording. SQ – 9, no messing.

HUG020CD Tin Machine – Newport 1989-07-01
Andref tape. This was going to be in volume 3, but I pulled it forward to replace HUG013CD. Once again, volume needs to settle down a bit at the beginning, is fine from around a minute into Amazing. Great, lo-gen recording: but perhaps not on the greatest of kit (have a suspicion it’s mono - see the notes for an update on this). SQ – 8½.

HUG024CD Osaka 1983-10-26
Simply a bonus recording for you all. I checked the size of volume 2 and it seemed a bootleg short, though sort I’d drop this one in. It’s one of mine, and I upped it to dime a couple of years back, but have done some very minor tidying-up and put completely new art in (and not everyone goes to dime). It’s a smashing recording that I speculate wasn’t circulated too widely at the time because the speed was wildly wrong (around 8% too fast). SQ - 9/10.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 1" - 11CD

David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 1"

HUG070CD - Tin Machine, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 1991-11-02 - NEW RECORDING.
For me, this is the absolute jewel in this batch. The only copy I had of this concert was my second worst bootleg (SQ 1/10). This is a diamond. Beautiful sound and great atmosphere.

Nevertheless, when I transferred this the first time, I was a bit clumsy with the volume controls and it was too loud, to the point of distortion.  This is a new recording, with some dodgy sound in two songs reworked as well.  SQ 9/10.

HUG080CD - East Berlin, 1990-08-31
A landmark concert, irrespective of what the music's like! I had a fairly average recording of this one before. This one's really lovely sound (SQ 8½-9). Had to do a bit of work to resolve over-saturation on the first two songs, more than happy with the results.

HUG09CD - Iggy and Ziggy, Manchester Apollo, 1977-03-03
This one's one of mine, rather than one of Andre's. I got it in 83 from an Iggy specialist in Stoke, and listening again, I guess it's closer to the master than I ever realised: maybe 3rd or 4th gen. Typical of its age, but a decent, knockabout concert.

HUG010CD - Slane Castle, 1987-07-11
Huge recording (over 900Mb of FLAC). This one required a fair bit of editing and tidying up, and Heroes is a bit of a mess. But overall I'd say it's about an 8½/10, with the second disc a little better than the first.

HUG011CD - Edinburgh, 1990-03-23 AND 24
Two nights at the Royal Highland Exhibition Centre at Ingliston, Edinburgh. For anyone who's got the "Ingliston" bootleg of the first night, this is from a different source tape. The first night had hiss on the tape run-out, which suggested that it may have been a rare higher-gen recording than most of Andre's. It's a decent recording, but needed a couple of major repairs that are a distance from perfect. The second night is the key recording. As well as being the less-frequently seen of the two, it's a really unusual setlist (opens with Blue Jean) and is a beautiful recording.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

vrijdag 11 augustus 2017

John Lennon "The Househusband Years" - 12CD & 2DVD

John Lennon
The Househusband Years (Hand Hidden Audio)
12 CD + 2 DVD

CD 1: 1975 - March 1978
1-1 Tessessee (Take 1) 0:35
1-2 Tessessee (Take ?) 2:30
1-3 Tessessee (Take 4) 2:05
1-4 Everybody 2:49
1-5 Sally And Billy (Take 2) 3:30
1-6 Sally And Billy (Take 3) 3:20
1-7 Mucho Mungo 2:28
1-8 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Take 1) 2:40
1-9 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Take ?) 2:33
1-10 Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Take 8) 2:28
1-11 She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's (Take 2) 2:41
1-12 She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's (Take 7) 4:15
1-13 I Don't Want To Lose You 5:01
1-14 Free As A Bird (Take 1) 3:26
1-15 Free As A Bird (Take 3) 2:42
1-16 (Turned Out Nice Again) 0:06
1-17 Whatever Happened To...? (Take 1-Fragment With Voice-Over) 0:19
1-18 Whatever Happened To...? (Take 2) 4:53
1-19 One Of The Boys (Take 1) 3:08
1-20 One Of The Boys (Take 2) 3:16
1-21 Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall) (Takes 1-2) 8:49
1-22 Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall) (Take 4) 0:31
1-23 Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall) (Take 5) 2:35
1-24 Sea Ditties 2:54
1-25 Maurice Dupont (Act 1) 1:58
1-26 Maurice Dupont (Act 2) 1:09
1-27 Maurice Dupont (Act 3) 2:46

CD 2: Late 1978 - September 1979
2-1 Too Much Monkey Business / Subterranean Homesick Blues 1:18
2-2 Rock Inland Line 2:31
2-3 Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Get Back 2:43
2-4 Beyond The Sea / Blue Moon / Young Love 4:08
2-5 Satire 1 2:20
2-6 Satire 2 4:32
2-7 Satire 3 / Maggie Mae 1:24
2-8 Falling In Love Again 1:31
2-9 I'm A Man 1:50
2-10 It Was A Night Like Ethel Merman 1:03
2-11 (Dialogue For A Silent TV) 1:13
2-12 The Great Wok 3:03
2-13 I Don't Wanna Face It (Take 2) 0:45
2-14 I Don't Wanna Face It (Take ?) 1:47
2-15 I Watch Your Face 2:17
2-16 It's Real 1:05
2-17 (Audio Diary 1) 2:55
2-18 Serve Yourself 3:21
2-19 Serve Yourself 5:15
2-20 That's The Way The World Is 3:04
2-21 Don't Be Crazy (Take 1) 3:11
2-22 Don't Be Crazy (Take 2) 1:39
2-23 Baby Make Love To You 2:16
2-24 Baby Make Love To You / Girls And Boys 3:59
2-25 Girls And Boys 1:23
2-26 Real Life (Take 1) 0:56
2-27 Real Life (Take 2) 5:27
2-28 Real Life (Take 3) 2:45

CD: 3 September 1979 - Early 1980
3-1 Real Life (Fragment 1) 0:40
3-2 Real Life (Fragment 2) 0:32
3-3 Real Life (Let Go 1) 3:32
3-4 Real Life (Let Go 2) 3:19
3-5 Serve Yourself 8:18
3-6 Serve Yourself 2:31
3-7 Girls And Boys 3:10
3-8 Girls And Boys (With Voice-Over) 1:11
3-9 Audio Diary 1 0:26
3-10 Not For Love Nor Money 2:40
3-11 Dialogue 1 3:24
3-12 Dialogue 2 21:50
3-13 Sean's "In The Sky" 1:22
3-14 Sean's "Loud" 3:49
3-15 Sean's "Serve Yourself/Be-Bop-A-Lula" 1:29
3-16 She Runs Them Round In Circles / Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) 5:39
3-17 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Instrumental With Voice-Over) 2:15
3-18 Improvisation (With Voice-Over) 3:45
3-19 Rock Island Line 2:50
3-20 Many Rivers To Cross / My Girl 5:22

CD 4: Late 1979 - Early 1980
4-1 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) 11:41
4-2 Howling At The Moon 1:58
4-3 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) / Howling At The Moon / Across The River 5:14
4-4 India, India 3:04
4-5 Help Me To Help Myself 1:52
4-6 Life Begins At 40 2:33
4-7 Across The River 2:37
4-8 Instrumental 1 1:06
4-9 Instrumental 2 (With Voice-Over) 0:49
4-10 Girls And Boys (Take ?) 1:29
4-11 Girls And Boys (Take 4) 4:04
4-12 Girls And Boys (Take 5) 2:47
4-13 Girls And Boys (Take 6) 2:43
4-14 Watching The Wheels 0:25
4-15 Watching The Wheels 4:38
4-16 Watching The Wheels 2:23
4-17 Watching The Wheels 2:39
4-18 Watching The Wheels 1:01
4-19 Watching The Wheels 2:18
4-20 Watching The Wheels 0:26
4-21 Watching The Wheels 4:10
4-22 Watching The Wheels 3:08
4-23 Watching The Wheels 3:29
4-24 Watching The Wheels 3:10
4-25 Watching The Wheels 0:30
4-26 Watching The Wheels 4:16
4-27 Watching The Wheels 4:35

CD 5: Early - June 1980
5-1 Watching The Wheels 0:36
5-2 Stranger's Room 1:29
5-3 John Henry 1:35
5-4 John Henry (Instrumental) 0:42
5-5 John Henry 2:12
5-6 Watching The Wheels 2:51
5-7 Corinna, Corrina 1:18
5-8 Stranger's Room 3:45
5-9 Stranger's Room 6:35
5-10 My Life (Take 1) 2:52
5-11 My Life (Take 2) 2:37
5-12 My Life (Take 3) 2:42
5-13 My Life (Take ? - Fragment) 0:14
5-14 Serve Yourself 4:26
5-15 Serve Yourself 4:33
5-16 Memories (Take 1) 4:33
5-17 Cathy's Clown 1:12
5-18 You Send Me 2:08
5-19 Memories (Take 2) 2:30
5-20 Welcome To Cold Spring Harbor 0:50
5-21 Dear Yoko (Takes 1-2) 5:50
5-22 Dialogue At Cannon Hill 5:12
5-23 Blues Instrumental (Fragments) 3:36
5-24 Dear Yoko (Take 1-Fragment With Voice-Over) 0:07
5-25 Dear Yoko (Takes 2-3) 5:32
5-26 Borrowed Time 5:09
5-27 I'm Stepping Out (Take 1) 1:40

CD 6: June - July 1980
6-1 I'm Stepping Out (Take 3) 6:12
6-2 I'm Stepping Out (Take ?) 2:55
6-3 Beautiful Day (Darling Boy) (Take 1) 2:49
6-4 Beautiful Day (Darling Boy) (Take 2) 4:12
6-5 Beautiful Day (Darling Boy) (Take 2 With Overdubs) 4:20
6-6 Borrowed Time 5:06
6-7 Dear Yoko 5:06
6-8 I Don't Wanna Face It 2:06
6-9 Girls And Boys (Take 6 With Overdubs) 2:44
6-10 Watching The Wheels 3:06
6-11 Serve Yourself 3:54
6-12 Nobody Told Me 3:20
6-13 Memories 6:26
6-14 I'm Losing You 3:15
6-15 I'm Losing You 0:47
6-16 I'm Losing You 3:07
6-17 I'm Stepping Out 5:11
6-18 I Don't Wanna Face It 3:01
6-19 I'm Stepping Out 5:00
6-20 Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't be Afraid) 2:39
6-21 The Happy Rishikesh Song / Something Is Wrong 3:23

CD 7: July - August 1980
7-1 Real Love (Take 1) 3:58
7-2 Real Love (Take 4) 4:07
7-3 Grow Old With Me 3:10
7-4 Real Love (Take 5 With Overdubs) 4:22
7-5 Woman (Take 1) 2:41
7-6 Woman (Take 4) 0:32
7-7 Woman (Take 7) 3:53
7-8 Woman (Take 8) 3:25
7-9 Nobody Told Me (Overdub Take 1) 3:21
7-10 Nobody Told Me (Overdub Take 2) 4:10
7-11 Woman (Take 8 With Overdub) 3:08
7-12 Woman (Take 8 With Overdub) 4:13
7-13 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess (Take 3) 3:27
7-14 The Worst Is Over (Take 1) 2:23
7-15 The Worst Is Over (Take 2) 6:00
7-16 Help Me To Help Myself (Takes 2-3) 3:08
7-17 My Life (Take 1) 3:11
7-18 My Life (Take 2) 0:55
7-19 My Life (Take 4) 1:36
7-20 Serve Yourself (Two Takes) 11:07
7-21 Cleanup Time 2:53
7-22 Cleanup Time 3:25

CD 8: August - November 1980
8-1 (Just Like) Starting Over (Take 1) 4:18
8-2 (Just Like) Starting Over (Take 2) 3:46
8-3 (Just Like) Starting Over (Take 3) 4:56
8-4 Gone From This Place (Take 1) 3:13
8-5 Gone From This Place (Take 4) 3:20
8-6 Gone From This Place (Fragment With Voice-Over) 0:11
8-7 Dear John 4:23
8-8 You Saved My Soul 4:10
Bonus Tracks:
8-9 John Lennon Phone Call With WABX Detroit 1974 14:19
8-10 John Lennon Rolling Stone Interview December 8, 1980 (Excerpt) 18:43
8-11 John Lennon Final Interview December 8, 1980 (Excerpt) 9:42

CD 9: Guitar Demos
9-1 Watching The Wheels 3:08
9-2 Knocking On Dylan's Door 2:21
9-3 It Sounds Like A Ballad To Me 4:35
9-4 More Satire 0:50
9-5 Lebenstraum (Falling In Love Again) 1:27
9-6 French Song (La Mer) 1:08
9-7 Serve Yourself 3:54
9-8 She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain 1:02
9-9 Dear Yoko 3:38
9-10 I'm Stepping Out 2:59
9-11 I Don't Wanna Face It 2:08
9-12 Borrowed Time 4:50
9-13 Beautiful Boy 4:10
9-14 Grow Old With Me 3:07
9-15 Starting Over 3:09
9-16 Woman 3:30
9-17 Say It Again 3:42
9-18 Nobody Told Me (Take 2, Version A) 3:57
9-19 Nobody Told Me (Take 2, Version B) 3:56
9-20 Nobody Told Me (Take 2, Version C) 3:56
9-21 I'm Losing You 3:07
9-22 I Ain't Got Time 3:11

CD 10: Piano Demos
10-1 Grow Old With Me 3:07
10-2 Help Me To Help Myself 2:38
10-3 I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone 2:53
10-4 Now And Then 5:01
10-5 Cleanup Time 9:07
10-6 Watching The Wheels 12:55
10-7 Serve Yourself 3:29
10-8 Memories / Cathy's Clown 5:48
10-9 Real Love 4:42
10-10 She's A Friend Of Dorothy 3:26
10-11 Starting Over 4:24
10-12 I'm Losing You 6:01
10-13 I'm Stepping Out 3:15
10-14 Don't Be Afraid 2:46
10-15 Why Must We Be Alone? (Real Love) 2:31
10-16 Solitude 5:15

CD 11: Piano And Guitar Demos
11-1 My Life (Piano) 4:22
11-2 Cleanup (Piano) 2:27
11-3 I'm Losing You 6:45
11-4 Beautiful Boy (Amplified Acoustic Guitar) 4:08
11-5 Watching The Wheels (Electric Guitar) 3:14
11-6 Dear Yoko (Acoustic Guitar) 5:03
11-7 When I was Lonely And Scared (Amplified Acoustic Guitar) 1:31
11-8 Woman (Rhythm Box And Double Track Acoustic Guitar) 4:08
11-9 I'm Stepping Out (Rhythm Box And Acoustic Guitar) 5:09
11-10 I Don't Wanna Face It (Rhythm Box And Acoustic Guitar) 3:08
11-11 Real Love (Piano Take 4) 4:11
11-12 Borrowed Time (Rhythm Box And Acoustic Guitar) 4:38
11-13 Happy Rishikesh Song (Acoustic Guitar) 1:58
11-14 Something Is Wrong (Acoustic Guitar) 2:51
11-15 Beautiful Boy (Acoustic Guitar) 2:48
11-16 Watching The Wheels (Piano) 4:42
11-17 Grow Old With Me (Rhythm Box And Piano) 3:07
11-18 Grow Old With Me (Acoustic Guitar)
11-19 Grow Old With Me (Piano)
11-20 Cleanup Time (Piano Incomplete) 3:12
11-21 I'm Stepping Out / Real Love (Piano) 0:57
11-22 Grow Old With Me (Piano) 3:25

CD 12: Piano And Guitar Demos
12-1 My Life (Acoustic Guitar) 2:36
12-2 My Life (Guitar) 2:38
12-3 Borrowed Time (Acoustic Guitar Demo) 4:53
12-4 I Don't Wanna Face It (Acoustic Guitar) 3:08
12-5 Real Life (Piano) 2:21
12-6 I'm Stepping Out (Acoustic Guitar Take 4) 5:02
12-7 I'm Stepping Out (Acoustic Guitar) 4:17
12-8 Woman (Acoustic Guitar Take 4) 3:23
12-9 Woman (Acoustic Guitar Take 10) 3:21
12-10 Woman (Acoustic Guitar) 3:47
12-11 Serve Yourself (Piano) 3:47
12-12 Serve Yourself (Acoustic Guitar) 4:04
12-13 Tennessee (Piano) 2:33
12-14 Tennessee (Piano) 6:04
12-15 Watching The Wheels (Piano Take 1) 3:42
12-16 Watching The Wheels (Piano) 4:26
12-17 Watching The Wheels (Piano) 3:43
12-18 I'm Losing You (Acoustic Guitar With Rhythm Box) 3:07
12-19 Serve Yourself (Piano) 8:24

DVD 1: Everybody Had A Hard Year
13-1 Polygoon Newsreel 1969
13-2 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Video From 16mm
13-3 Dutch Tributes
13-4 Eye On L.A. 1983
13-5 Yoko & Sean In Liverpool - Eyewitness News
13-6 Good Morning Britain - March 10, 1986
13-7 Aspel & Company - March 22, 1986 (Mike Aspel Talks To Boy George, Yoko Ono And John Cleese)
13-8 Good Morning Britain - March 24, 1986
13-9 Pete Shotton On South Today

DVD 2: Archives 1995 - 1999
14-1 Yoko Ono On An Episode Of Mad About You 11/12/95
14-2 Yoko Ono An Intimate Portrait 11/12/95
14-3 Lifetime Special - Nice Documentary With Lots Of Rare Clips!
14-4 Larry King Live - Yoko Ono Interview 12/4/99

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here
Download part 9 here
Download part 10 here
Download part 11 here
Download part 12 here
Download part 13 here
Download part 14 here

Springsteen live in East Troy 1984 - 3CD - July 12 - 2 source mix

Date: 1984-07-12
Venue: Alpine Valley
Location: East Troy WI
Title: Alpine Valley Night Patched w At Alpine Valley

Recorder 1: At Alpine Valley (Part One and Part Two) (Cry Baby Records - Vinyl) Uploaded by hrubesh in 2017.

Recorder 2: Alpine Valley Night (Silver Rip of Crystal Cat CD's) uploaded somewhere bobsmo in 2007.

This main source is of course Alpine Valley Night. Two patches were required.

Patch One: Born in the U.S.A-13 seconds from Recorder 1.

Patch Two: Used Cars-1:02 from Recorder 1.

I removed the fades at the end of the discs and made it run as one whole set. I removed the "bonus" tracks. God I hate them. I did EQ the patches to match the compression put on by CC. Otherwise the switch was even more jarring. Hopefully the DS archives will yield a better quality tape that Mjk5510 will patch to the incredible Alpine Valley Night which has to be a Rick B master. Right?

Total time: 02:50:29

Flac Downloads> Wav> CD Wave Editor (cut tracks)> Goldwave (File merging and fades)> CD Wave Editor (track splits)> Trader's Little helper (Flac Level8, Test, Verify)

01. Born In The U.S.A.
02. Prove It All Night
03. Out In The Street
04. Atlantic City
05. Open All Night
06. The River
07. Darlington County
08. Glory Days
09. The Promised Land
10. Used Cars
11. My Hometown
12. Badlands
13. Thunder Road
14. Hungry Heart
15. Dacing In The Dark
16. Cadillac Ranch
17. Sherry Darling
18. No Surrender (acoustic)
19. Man At The Top
20. Pink Cadillac
21. Bobby Jean
22. Backstreets
23. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
24. Jungleland
25. Born To Run
26. Street Fighting Man
27. Detroit Medley

Set features the world premiere and one of only three outings for "Man At The Top". Bruce sings a (very) short version of "Sad Eyes" during the middle of "Backstreets"
(what a teaser). A rare "No Surrender" that does not include the harmonica solo after the second chorus, but has Bruce singing the Sha-la-la verse
(acoustic version #1). "Pink Cadillac" is performed in a rearranged version of the single with a lengthy intro about The Garden of Eden. Clarence is introduced as
“The eighth wonder” during "Sherry Darling". Also the start of "Cadillac Ranch" is extended as Bruce's guitar fails to work. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes
the "Come A Little Bit Closer" introduction. "Detroit Medley" contains an excellent "I Hear A Train". No "Travelin' Band" included in the medley yet.

Audience tapes - two recording sources available. The first can be found on the four-LP set 'At Alpine Valley Vol. 1 and 2'. A second source of excellent quality was
released on CD 'Alpine Valley Night' (Crystal Cat).

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Springsteen live in Morrison 1981 - 3CD - August 17

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, Co
August 17, 1981

source: nakamichi cm300 (cp2) > sony tcd5m
transfer from master cassettes
taper : bobb/markp
transfer: markp

Disc One
Soundcheck (Rave On)
Rocking All Over The World
Out In The Street
Prove It All Night
Summertime Blues
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Independence Day
Two Hearts
Who'll Stop The Rain
The Promised Land
This Land Is Your Land
The River
Thunder Road

Disc Two
For You
Hungry Heart
Cadillac Ranch
Sherry Darling
Jole Blon
Wreck On The Highway
Racing In The Street

Disc Three
I'm A Rocker
Born To Run
Detroit Medley
Twist And Shout

Download this bootleg here

Springsteen live in Tempe 1980 - 3CD - November 5 - soundboard

Title: Love, Soul & A Broken Heart
Label: Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Soundboard
Date: November 5, 1980
Location: Activity Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Disc One:
01 Born To Run
02 Prove It All Night
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05 Independence Day
06 Factory
07 Jackson Cage
08 Two Hearts
09 The Promised Land *
10 Out In The Street
11 Racing In The Street
12 The River
13 Badlands

Disc Two:
01 Thunder Road
02 Intro / No Money Down
03 Cadillac Ranch
04 Hungry Heart
05 Fire
06 Candy's Room
07 Sherry Darling
08 Intro / Here She Comes
09 I Wanna Marry You
10 The Ties That Bind
11 Stolen Car *
12 Wreck On The Highway
13 Point Blank
14 Intro
15 Crush On You
16 Ramrod

Disc Three:
01 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
01 Drive All Night
03 Backstreets *
04 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
05 I'm A Rocker
06 Jungleland
07 The Detroit Medley

08 Yellow Rose Of Texas - Reunion Auditorium, Dallas, TX November 8, 1980.
09 Fade Away - The Summit, Houston, TX November 15, 1980.
10 Walk Like A Man - The Centrum, Worcester, MA February 25, 1988.

* Mixed with another show to fill missing part

Many pops/clicks removed one by one, mixed missing parts with another soundboard shows from 1980, boosted audio levels on some quiet parts and so on. You'll hear the difference.
+many other improvements I never list

"Yellow Rose Of Texas" is originally just an intro to "Cadillac Ranch", that's the reason it fades out to "Fade Away".


"One of only four (circulating) complete soundboard shows from the entire River tour.
This show includes several highlights from early in the tour, especially opening with Born to Run, as well as rare performances of "Jackson Cage" and "No Money Down" as an intro to "Cadillac Ranch."
Another "highlight" may be the trio of "Stolen Car," "Wreck on the Highway," and "Point Blank.""

"Definitive performance of Drive All Night." -brucebase

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Springsteen live in Passaic 1978 - 3CD - September 21 - soundboard

"Singin' Our Birthday Songs"
Godfather Records 60/61/62

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Live September 21, 1978
Capitol Theater
Passaic, New Jersey

Source: Original Silvers

This version of the show was released from a soundboard tape that circulated for many years, before the fantastic release by JEMS from the original reels. This version isn't of the same quality, but it has the vocals more up front than the JEMS version, the only issue with that unfortunately. This tape was and still is one of the better tapes from the Darkness tour, great quality. The mix is nice and up close if you prefer that to the more open mix of the whole theatre of other versions. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" fades out early with this version, and misses the last song "Quarter To Three."

Disc 1:
1. High School Confidential
2. Badlands
3. Spirits In The Night
4. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
5. Sweet Little Sixteen
6. Independence Day
7. The Promised Land
8. Prove It All Night
9. Racing In The Street
10. Thunder Road

Disc 2:
1. Meeting Across The River
2. Jungleland
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4. Fire
5. Candy's Room
6. Because The Night
7. Point Blank
8. Kitty's Back
9. The Fever

Disc 3
1. Incident On 57th Street
2. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
3. Born To Run
4. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
5. Night Train
6. Not Fade Away / Gloria / She's The One
7. Backstreets
8. Devil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly / CC Rider / Jenny Jenny
9. Raise Your Hand

D3, Track 4: Fades Out Early
D3, Tracks 5-9 Live September 30, 1978 Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA


Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Springsteen live in Portland 1978 - 3CD - June 24 - soundboard



Complete show from a soundboard source. "The Promised Land" features a completely out of tune guitar solo. Another great version of "Adam Raised A Cain". Released on CD "Raising Cain" (E St Records)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Springsteen live in Morrison 1978 - 3CD - June 20

Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
June 20, 1978

Fire Over Red Rocks

cdr -> db poweramp -> flac (level 8)

CD 1
01. Badlands
02. Night
03. Spirit In The Night
04. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05. For You
06. The Promised Land
07. Prove It All Night
08. Racing In The Street
09. Thunder Road
10. Jungleland
11. Paradise By The "C"
12. Fire

CD 2
01. Adam Raised A Cain
02. Mona / Not Fade Away / She's The One
03. Growin' Up
04. Backstreets
05. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

CD 3
01. The Promise
02. Born To Run
03. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04. I Fought The Law
05. Quarter To Three

Artwork included.

Download this bootleg here

Springsteen live in Kansas City 1978 - 2CD - June 16 - soundboard


Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, June 16, 1978

1) Darkness On The Edge of
2) For You
3) The Promised Land
4) Prove It All Night
5) Racing In The Street
6) Thunder Road
7) Jungleland
Paradise By The C
9) Fire
10) Adam Raised A Cain

1) Mona
2) She’s The One
3) Growin’ Up
4) Backstreets
5) Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
6) The Promise
7) Born To Run
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
9) Quarter To Three


Converted to flac through dbpoweramp

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Yes "Siberian Khatru" - 1CD

Artist: Yes
CD: Siberian Khatru - Recorded Live at the LA Forum 1974 & 1978
Label: LiveLine LL 15486


1. Siberian Khatru (9:57)
2. Starship Tooper (10:00)
3. Close To The Edge (19:16)
4. Roundabout (8:12)

Tracks 1 & 2: LA 1974
Tracks 3 & 4: LA 1978

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Yes live in Lugano 2004 - 2CD - July 8 - soundboard

Estival Jazz
Piazza della Riforma
Lugano, Switzerland
8. July 2004

soundboard > 1st copy > eac > wave > trackmarker with WaveLab 3.04 >
flac frontend (align on sector boundaries level 8) > flac

File Size: 714 MB

Disc 1:

01. Firebird Suite (Intro) 2:12
02. Going For The One 5:30
03. Sweet Dreams 6:58
04. I've Seen All Good People 7:08
05. Mind Drive, Part One 7:34
06. South Side Of The Sky 10:41
07. Foot Prints 1:21
08. Mind Drive, Part Two 6:52
09. Yours Is No Disgrace 13:08
10. Second Initial (Steve Howe Solo) 3:18
11. Jane Seymour (Rick Wakeman Solo) 4:13

Running Time: 69:02

Disc 2:

01. Long Distance Runaround 4:07
02. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) 3:29
03. Whitefish 4:25
04. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 4:29
05. Rhythm Of Love 6:34
06. And You And I 11:53
07. Starship Trooper 13:55
08. Roundabout 7:23

Running Time: 56:22

Jon Anderson - lead vocals
Steve Howe - guitar, vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards, vocals
Alan White - drums, vocals

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Yes live in Lewiston 2001 - 2CD - August 22 - soundboard

Yes - Symphonic
Artpark Repertory Theatre
Lewiston, New York, USA

Source: soundboard [SBD]
Format: FLAC
Mastered August 2003 by TheTooleMan
Remastered February 2005 by TheTooleMan

For the Magnification tour, Yes were backed by symphony orchestras, drawn from local, classical musicians on the stops they made along the tour. This recording consists of two CDs. Cover art has been provided, and the tracks divided by CD volume, titled and numbered. The audio quality is excellent. (The Gates of Delirium and Ritual reinforced by strings, woodwinds and brass give them another layer of complexity that is quite intriguing.) Thanks to TheTooleMan.

Jon Anderson - vocals
Steve Howe -  guitars
Chris Squire - bass
Alan White - drums
Tom Brislin - keyboards

yes_symphonic_cd_1 [1:19:59]
01 - Give Love Each Day [2:08]
02 - Close To The Edge [20:36]
03 - Listen To Your Heart [1:15]
04 - Long Distance Runaround [4:49]
05 - Don't Go [5:18]
06 - In The Presence Of [11:39]
07 - The Gates Of Delirium [22:46]
08 - Corkscrew [3:38]
09 - Mood For A Day [3:58]
10 - Wonderous Stories [3:43]

yes_symphonic_cd_2 [1:17:21]
11 - Perpetual Change [10:44]
12 - And You And I [12:02]
13 - Ritual [31:00]
14 - I've Seen All Good People [7:03]
15 - Starship Trooper [12:13]
16 - Roundabout [4:19]

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Yes live in Katowice 1998 - 2CD - March 27 - soundboard

Great Imagination
Spodek Hall
Katowice, PL

Source: Soundboard / Pre-FM Broadcast
Audio codec format: FLAC
Lineage: Liberated SBD CD > WAV (via EAC) > FLAC

On the 24th date in the European leg of their Open Your Eyes Tour, Yes performed at one of Poland's largest venues. The concert was recorded at the soundboard. This release consists of two CDs, and the tracks have been divided by CD volume, titled and numbered. The audio quality excels, but the volume could use a boost. Cover art and photos of the band have been included. For Tales fans, "The Revealing Science of God" should be a welcome treat.

Jon Anderson – lead vocals
Steve Howe – guitar, backing vocals
Billy Sherwood – guitars, backing vocals
Chris Squire – bass, backing vocals
Alan White –  drums, backing vocals
Igor Khoroshev - keyboards

Track and Setlist:

1. Firebird Suite / Siberian khatru
2. Rhythm of Love
3. America
4. Open Your Eyes
5. And You and I
6. Heart of the Sunrise
7. Mood for a Day / Diary of a Man who Vanished / Clap
8. From the Balcony
9. Wonderous Stories

1. Polonaise
2. Long Distance Runaround
3. Whitefish
4. Owner of a Lonely Heart
5. The Revealing Science of God
6. I've Seen All Good People
7. Roundabout
8. Starship Trooper

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Yes live in New York 1994 - 2CD - June 19 - soundboard

Yes Endless Dream
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center
Canandaigua, New York
June 19, 1994

Lineage: SBD->FM->silver->WAV->FLAC

From the Talk tour, this recording is of the fourth concert date. It was captured from a ConcertSonics FM broadcast. ConcertSonics was an experimental means to transmit "an enhanced soundboard mix" to the live audience. The feed could be received by personal FM receivers and headphones. The audio quality is excellent. One song, "Intro/Perpetual Change", is missing. The "Endless Dream" consists of 2 CDs. Thanks to rstaylor.

Jon Anderson (vocals)
Tony Kaye (keyboards)
Trevor Rabin (guitars)
Chris Squire (bass)
Alan White (percussion)
Billy Sherwood (guitars)

The Calling
I am Waiting
Rhythm of Love
Real Love
Heart of the Sunrise
City of Love
Make It Easy
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Rabin Piano Solo/And You and I
Where Will You Be
I've Seen All Good People
Endless Dream

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Yes live in Boston 1980 - 2CD - September 9


TITLE: "The Singular Eye" [henceforth referred to as "B80"]

DATE:  9 September 1980

LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

VENUE: Boston Garden



"What a treat it is to listen to this lovingly mastered recording of
the Yes DRAMA lineup live.  I kept finding myself getting lost in the
performance (which in itself actually says quite a bit about the
sonics). By any DRAMA tour standard of comparison, the sound quality
is nothing short of breathtaking.

The vocals here have an amazingly lifelike presence throughout, often
seeming to leap right out of the speakers or headphones. One of the
most impressive aspects of Lestat's releases is the almost holographic
sense of venue ambience he and Balrog consistently achieve-you really
feel like you are there in the concert hall with the audience.
Finally, he consistently maintains the full dynamic range of the
performance-not just in transitions between louder and quieter parts,
but perhaps just as importantly in the detail with which we can still
hear the quieter nuances in the midst of relatively loud passages.

Overall, the sound here is miles beyond any other live recording of
this Yes lineup that I have ever heard.  The DRAMA tracks in the
official THE WORD IS LIVE are barely listenable after hearing this.  I
recently heard another recording from the tour that was quite good,
but completely lacking the incredible nuance and sense of presence and
space so abundant in this release.

We are all incredibly lucky that Balrog happened to tape this
performance, that Lestat had the expertise to master it so
beautifully, and that both of them have the generosity to share their
efforts with such a wide community of fans. I have yet to see Gromek's
artwork design, but I suspect that it will be a joy to behold. Many
thanks to the three of them (as well as to the past and present
members of Yes, of course) for allowing me to relive some of the magic
of so many years ago."

- "NorthNYMark"

"The triumvirate is complete-B78, B79 and now B80. This latest show
represents a triumph for Messrs. LESTAT and BALROG. What is presented
for you is not only a stunning capture of a great night on an
underrated tour but the application of unparalleled audio engineering
to bring out the very best the Master tape had to offer. So with that
said, enjoy the very best recording of the Drama Tour!"

- "Jackstraw42"


No matter how you feel about the DRAMA (Buggles) era of Yes, there's
no denying something very exciting and different happened in the album
and tour. To some the departure of Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman from
the lineup and their replacement by Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes meant
the band no longer deserved to call itself Yes. But the concert is
still very much Yes music. The old songs may not sound quite  right on
first listen, but there are some remarkable moments in the
performances. And keep in mind that Anderson and Wakeman made a real
contribution to Drama before departing. Yes purists ("Troopers" if you
like) would do themselves a favor in giving this one a chance.

Boston Garden was only the ninth show in the tour. Trevor Horn's voice
was still intact enough to sound almost exactly like Jon Anderson much
of the time. The circular sound system was not quite the same as the
one used in the preceding Tormato concerts, but it was still much
better than the stacks used in the GFTO tour. Very few rock concert
sound systems could overcome the notorious Boston Garden mid-bass
"boom" that can be heard in almost all recordings made there. Only
Yes' circular system and Pink Floyd's "quad" system were able to
accomplish it.


Steve Howe - guitars
Chris Squire - bass
Alan White - percussion
Trevor Horn - vocals
Geoff Downes - keyboards

SETLIST [for 80-minute and 74-minute CDR]:

[Vol. 1]

01V1 - Intro Cue [Young Person's Guide/Close Encounters theme]/Does It Really Happen
02V1 - Yours Is No Disgrace
03V1 - Into the Lens
04V1 - Clap [Howe solo]
05V1 - And You and I
06V1 - Go Through This
07V1 - Man in a White Car Suite [Downes solo]
08V1 - Parallels
09V1 - We Can Fly From Here

[Vol. 2]

01V2 - Tempus Fugit
02V2 - AmazingGrace > The Fish > Amazing Grace [Squire solo]
03V2 - Machine Messiah
04V2 - Starship Trooper
05V2 - Roundabout

TAPER: Barry Rogoff (Balrog)

SOURCE: Nakamichi 550/CM-100/CP-1 [Dolby B encoded] > Maxell UD XLII

LINEAGE: Nak Dragon [Dolby B out] > RDL FP-UBC6 > MOTU 896 > Sound
Forge > Wave [48KHz/24 bit] > CEP 2.0 with Izotope Ozone [mastering
then downsample/conversion to 44.1KHz/16 bit] > Wave > FLAC > Dime

REMASTER SUMMARY: EQ work to reveal - not mix - extant AR detail, as
the audience heard and felt it. No attempts to alter band-crowd-venue
sound balance. If crowd sound as real and detailed as band sound isn't
desired, please pass this by and stick to boards or industry releases.

No compression or noise reduction. FFT filtering at 19.3KHz eliminated
any need for dedicated NR.

INDEPENDENT SOUND ANALYSIS: Several trusted 'beta testers', including
Barry, Gromek and others



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Yes live in Chicago 1979 - 2CD - June 9 - soundboard

June 9, 1979 (International Amphitheatre- Chicago, Illinois)

1.1 Introduction 0:55
1.2 Siberian Khatru 9:51
1.3 Heart of the Sunrise 11:39
1.4 Future Times / Rejoice 7:25
1.5 Circus of Heaven 5:07
1.6 Time and a Word 4:24
1.7 Long Distance Runaround 3:13
1.8 Fish 4:38
1.9 Survival 3:34
1.10 Perpetual Change 4:41
1.11 Soon 8:44
1.12 Clap (Extended Version) 6:01
Disc - 70:12

2.1 And You and I 10:59
2.2 Starship Trooper 12:04
2.3 Wakeman Solo 6:09
2.4 Awaken 17:29
2.5 Tour Song 2:50
2.6 All Good People 7:07
2.7 Roundabout 8:50
Disc - 65:28

Jon Anderson - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harp  and Percussion
Steve Howe - Lead Guitars and Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass Guitars and Vocals
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Alan White - Drums and Percussion

“Going Around”

           Yes were in the midst of a grueling 60 show US tour. Tonight’s performance was the
43rd gig since the tour began in April and the 7th night in a row of scheduled work. Only the
cancelled show in Kansas City 3 nights earlier –from an unstable roof- gave them a reprieve. But
now they were in Chicago, a city they knew quite well. The band had played here 14 times before,
if you include the performance the night before this one. The International Amphitheatre was
also familiar to the band. They had played this venue 9 times before, with the last visit
September 24th 1978. The setlist for tonight was quite similar to what was played during their
last visit. For this evening, the guys would replace ‘Silent wings of Freedom’ and ‘Don’t Kill
the Whale’ with ‘And You And I’ and a Tour song; the rest of the material would remain
essentially the same.
           This tour marked the 10th anniversary for the band. The tour book used at the time
makes reference to this with words from Dan Hedges: “With their tenth anniversary behind them,
Yes, as strong as ever, are embarking on this tour, the opening event of their second decade.
Although the band is looking to the future with the same kind of energy that has always made
Yes so existing, it seems not a bad time to recap some of the events of the last ten years.
As an on-going idea, Yes have been around for ten years now, yet they've collectively got
this strange disinterest in most things remotely concerning their past. Sure, they'll walk
out on stage and blast through 'Roundabout', 'Starship Trooper', 'Siberian Khatru', and
'Close To The Edge'. That's music. They still love those as much as always, and they'll
probably be playing some of them tonight. But when it comes down to things like times,
dates, places, events, and slapping themselves on the back for past achievements, you'll
more often than not get a mystified shrug with a "... but does it really matter?". Yes are
totally aware that it's you - the people who buy their albums and come to see them - who are
the main reason why Yes remain alive and well. Ten years on, they thank you for that.

Notes from the Re-Master

Generally, this was a very good radio broadcast recording. Noise reduction was only used in a
few selected regions. The left channel volume was about 20% below the right consistently
throughout the show. This was corrected. Crackle and pops were numerous and needed to be removed.
Finally, a few tonality adjustments were made. All in all, a very good recording with strong
music signal and great detail

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Velvet Revolver live in Washington 2007 - 1CD - May 15 - soundboard

Velvet Revolver @ 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

Scott Weiland: Vocals
Slash: Guitar
Dave Kusner: Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass
Matt Sorum: Drums

Let It Roll
Do It For The Kids
Sucker Train Blues
The Last Fight
She Mine
Big Machine
Get Out The Door
Fall To Pieces
Just 16
She Builds Quick Machines
Set Me Free
Wish You Were Here
Psycho Killer

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Velvet Revolver live in San Francisco 2007 - 1CD - May 5

Velvet Revolver
The Warfield Theater
San Francisco CA
May 5 2007

Nuemann KM140s > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony SBM1 > Sony TCD-D7
DAT master > HHb CDR830 > EAC > Audition > CD Wave > FLAC16

01. Let It Roll
02. Do It for the Kids
03. Sucker Train Blues
04. Superhuman
05. The Last Fight
06. She Mine
07. Get Out The Door
08. Fall to Pieces
09. Just Sixteen
10. Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots cover)
11. She Builds Quick Machines
12. Set Me Free

13. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)
14. Used to Love Her (Guns N' Roses cover)

15. Psycho Killer (Talking Heads cover)
16. Slither

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Velvet Revolver live in Worcester 2004 - 1CD - November 9

Velvet Revolver
Worcester Centrum
Worcester, MA
November 9, 2004

Source: Schoeps mk4 > nbox > m1

Disc 1

01. Sucker Train Blues
02. Do It for the Kids
03. Headspace
04. Superhuman
05. Crackerman
06. Illegal I
07. Fall to Pieces
08. Big Machine
09. Its So Easy
10. Sex Type Thing
11. Set Me Free
12. Used to Love Her
13. No More No More
--- encore ---
14. Mr. Brownstone
15. Slither

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Velvet Revolver live in Toronto 2004 - 2CD - May 21

MAY 21, 2004

Audience DAT Master>CDR>WAV>FLAC (Level 8)
Recorded using a Sony M1 DAT w/ SCHOEPS MK4V's

Scott Weiland-Vocals
Dave Kushner-Guitar
Duff McKagan-Bass/Vocals
Matt Sorum-Drums/Vocals

Disc One
1 Intro
2 Sucker Train Blues
3 Do it for the Kids
4 Headspace
5 Crackerman
6 Illegal I
7 It's so Easy
8 Fall to Pieces
9 Big Machine
Disc Two
1 Set Me Free
2 Audience
3 Slash Speaks
4 Used to Love Her
5 Slither
6 Sex Type Thing
7 Audience
8 Mr. Brownstone
9 Negative Creep

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Van Halen live in Tokyo 2013 - 2CD - June 21

Smash Up The Typhoon

Format: 2 Compact Discs

Label: XAVEL-SMS-026

Source: Tokyo Dome - Tokyo, Japan - June 21, 2013

Lineage:  Silvers > EAC > flac > Dime

Artwork included

MD5 included

Disc 1
1.Intro 0:45
2.Unchained 4:13
3.Runnin' With The Devil 3:40
4.She's The Woman 3:01
5.I'm The One 4:22
6.Tattoo 4:33
7.Everybody Wants Some!! 8:29
8.Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:23
9.China Town 3:31
10.Hear About It Later 5:11
11.Oh, Pretty Woman 3:08
12.Drum Solo 3:04
13.You Really Got Me 5:22
14.Dance The Night Away 4:19
15.I'll Wait 5:04
16.And The Cradle Will Rock... 3:45
17.Hot For Teacher 5:43

Disc 1 Time - 71:22

Disc 2
1.Women In Love... 4:40
2.Romeo Delight 5:46
3.Mean Street 5:13
4.Beautiful Girls 3:30
5.Dave's Short Film (Tokyo Story) 4:52
6.Ice Cream Man 5:11
7.Panama 4:21
8.Guitar Solo 8:08
9.Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love 6:09
10.Jump 5:11
11.Outro 0:48
12.Jamie's Cryin' 4:34
13.The Trouble With Never 8:03
14.Atomic Punk 3:23
15.Ice Cream Man 2:42

Disc 2 Time - 72:33

Total Time - 143:55

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Van Halen live in Detroit 1986 - 2CD - May 11

VAN HALEN Joe Louis Arena Detroit MI May 11th 1986
First Gen To CDR From The Krw_co Collection

Lineage Sony D3 Audience To First Generation to Dat
Clone To CDR To EAC Secure Mode To TLH Flac Level 8

Eddie Van Halen  guitar keyboards backing vocals
Alex Van Halen  drums
Michael Anthony  bass  backing vocals
Sammy Hagar lead vocals  guitar

  CD 1
1 Intro
2 You Really Got Me
3 There's Only One Way To Rock
4 Summer Nights
5 Get Up
6 Drum Solo
7 Why Can't This Be Love
8 5150
9 Bass Solo
10 Panama
11 Best of Both Worlds
12 Sammy raps
  CD 2
1 Love Walks In
2 Good Enough
3 Guitar Solo
4 I Can't Drive 55
5 Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
6 Guitar Solo
7 Break
8 Jamming
9 Wild Thing
10 Jam
11 Rock & Roll

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Van Halen live in Detroit 1986 - 2CD - May 10

VAN HALEN Joe Louis Arena Detroit MI May 10th 1986
First Gen To CDR From The Krw_co Collection

Lineage Sony D3 Audience To First Generation to Dat
Clone To CDR To EAC Secure Mode To TLH Flac Level 8

Eddie Van Halen  guitar keyboards backing vocals
Alex Van Halen  drums
Michael Anthony  bass  backing vocals
Sammy Hagar lead vocals  guitar

  CD 1
1 Intro
2 You Really Got Me
3 There's Only One Way To Rock
4 Summer Nights
5 Get Up
6 Drum Solo
7 Why Can't This Be Love?
8 5150
9 Sammy Talks
10 Bass Solo
11 Panama
12 Best Of Both Worlds
13 Sammy Rap
14 Love Walks In
  cd 2
1 Good Enough
2 Guitar Solo
3 I Can't Drive 55
4 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
5 Break
6 Rock Candy
7 Sammy Talks
8 Jump
9 Wild Thing
10 Break
11 Rock-N-Roll

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Van Halen live in Detroit 1986 - 2CD - May 9

VAN HALEN Joe Louis Arena Detroit MI May 9th 1986
First Gen To CDR From The Krw_co Collection

Lineage Sony D3 Audience To First Generation to Dat
Clone To CDR To EAC Secure Mode To TLH Flac Level 8

Eddie Van Halen  guitar keyboards backing vocals
Alex Van Halen  drums
Michael Anthony  bass  backing vocals
Sammy Hagar lead vocals  guitar

  CD 1
1 Intro
2 You Really Got Me
3 There's Only One Way To Rock
4 Summer Nights
5 Get Up
6 Sammy Talks
7 Drum Solo
8 Why Can't This Be Love?
9 5150
10 Sammy Talks
11 Bass Solo
12 Panama
13 Best Of Both Worlds
14 Love Walks In
  CD 2
1 Good Enough
2 Guitar Solo
3 I Can't Drive 55
4 Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
5 Guitar Solo
6 Band Intros
7 Young Man Blues
8 Jump
9 Wild Thing
10 Break
11 Make It Last
12 Rock & Roll

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Van Halen live in Quebec City 1984 - 2CD - April 21

Van Halen
Le Colisee de Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
April 21, 1984

Lineage: AUD>1st gen cass>Sony tape deck>TDK standalone burner>CDR(1)>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC
Quality: A

Disc 1
Total Time: 58:25

1. Unchained 4:30
2. Hot For Teacher 4:05
3. Drum Solo 2:56
4. On Fire 3:10
5. Runnin' With The Devil 3:00
6. Dave Raps 1:51
7. Little Guitars 4:28
8. Cathedral 1:54
9. House Of Pain 4:01
10. Bass Solo 4:36
11. Jamie's Cryin' 3:27
12. I'll Wait 4:55
13. Keyboard Solo 1:51
14. Everybody Wants Some!! 8:41
15. Girl Gone Bad 4:55

Disc 2
Total Time: 52:02

1. Ice Cream Man 4:04
2. Summertime Blues 5:01
3. 1984 0:58
4. Jump 4:18
5. Guitar Solo 13:54
6. (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:10
7. Panama 6:23
8. You Really Got Me 7:55
9. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 6:06
10. CHOM-FM promo 0:11

Best show of the 1984 tour and a must-have. The only show that really departs from the cookie-cutter 1984 setlist. Terrific "A" level, definitive 1st gen quality makes this required listening for all VH fans. If you only own one 1984 show, this is hands down the one to own.

Obviously, the huge difference between this and other 1984 shows is "Summertime Blues" and "Ice Cream Man," two songs that no other circulating 1984 show has. In addition, Dave's rap is very short, and "Everybody Wants Some!!" is also markedly different from EWS in all other shows. Instead of the usual 15 minutes, it's under 9 minutes, and there's no joking around. A lot of it is instrumental Ed and Al in the mdidle section of the song. I'm virtually certain this was classic Van Halen's only stop in Quebec, and as such, they wanted to make it a special show. They knew they couldn't fuck around like they did in all the other 1984 shows. They were on their "best behavior" that night. They wanted the Quebec audience to hear a tight performance with vintage songs like "Ice Cream Man" and "Summertime Blues."

Not only are we are blessed that this show even got recorded, but we're blessed that the recording is terrific and lifelike. Throw out all other transfers of this show and only have this one in your collection, a beautiful 1st generation copy never liberated prior to 2005.

Download this bootleg here

Van Halen live in London 1980 - 2CD - June 23

VAN HALEN June 23, 1980 London, England/Rainbow Ballroom "1980 London Invasion"

Quality: B+

Artwork: yes

Source: AUD

Lineage: silver CD>EAC>WAV>TLH (FLAC 8)

Tour: Women and Children First

David Lee Roth-Vocals
Edward Van Halen-Guitar
Alex Van Halen-Drums
Michael Anthony-Bass

Romeo Delight
Bottoms Up! / Drum solo
Runnin With The Devil
Tora! Tora! / Loss of Control
Take Your Whiskey Home
Dance The Night Away
Women In Love
Jamie's Cryin'
Bright Lights, Big City
Everybody Wants Some !!
And The Cradle Will Rock
Light Up The Sky
Eddie's Solo
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Ice Cream Man

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