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The Beatles live in Paris 1965 - 3CD - June 20 - soundboard - early & late show + interviews

Artist: The Beatles
Title: Salut Les Copains! Paris Left Breathless
Label: Misterclaudel MCCD 158-162
Discs: 3CD

CD Lineage: Silver Discs > XLD Mac > FLAC > You
DVD Lineage: Silver Discs > Mac The Ripper (Uncompressed Extraction) > You

Track List:

CD Disc 1

Palais Des Sports, Paris, France, 20th June 1965, Afternoon Show
Source A: "On Line"

01. Twist And Shout [1:25]
02. She's A Woman [3:08]
03. I'm Loser [3:00]
04. Can't Buy Me Love [2:21]
05. Baby's In Black [2:40]
06. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:19]
07. A Hard Day's Night [2:52]
08. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [2:32]
09. Rock And Roll Music [2:21]
10. I Feel Fine [2:10]
11. Ticket To Ride [3:14]
12. Long Tall Sally [2:03]

Source B: "Off Air"

13. Tuning [0:43]
14. Twist And Shout [1:21]
15. She's A Woman [3:18]
16. I'm Loser [3:03]
17. Can't Buy Me Love [2:23]
18. Baby's In Black [2:49]
19. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:44]
20. A Hard Day's Night [2:53]
21. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [2:41]
22. Rock And Roll Music [0:41]
23. I Feel Fine [2:27]
24. Ticket To Ride [3:48]
25. Long Tall Sally [1:21]

CD Disc 2

Palais Des Sports, Paris, France, 20th June 1965, Afternoon Show
Source C: "Radio Programme"

01. I'm Alright (Les Pollux) [3:38]
02. Memphis Tennessee (Evy) [0:54]
03. Joy, Joy, Joy (Moustique) [0:57]
04. Les Copains D'Abord (Les Haricots Rouges) [0:54]
05. I Wish You Would (Yardbirds) [3:20]
06. I'm A Loser [2:56]
07. Can't Buy Me Love [2:49]
08. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:46]
09. A Hard Day's Night [2:45]
10. Rock And Roll Music [2:19]
11. I Feel Fine [2:37]
12. Ticket To Ride [3:26]
13. Long Tall Sally [2:07]

Source A+B+C

14. introduction [0:42]
15. Twist And Shout [1:22]
16. She's A Woman [3:23]
17. I'm A Loser [2:54]
18. Can't Buy Me Love [2:29]
19. Baby's In Black [2:50]
20. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:44]
21. A Hard Day's Night [2:55]
22. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [2:35]
23. Rock And Roll Music [2:30]
24. I Feel Fine [2:36]
25. Ticket To Ride [3:49]
26. Long Tall Sally [2:10]

CD Disc 3

Palais Des Sports, Paris, France, 20th June 1965, Evening Show
Remastered Source

01. Twist And Shout [1:44]
02. She's A Woman [3:14]
03. I'm A Loser [2:45]
04. Can't Buy Me Love [2:35]
05. Baby's In Black [2:46]
06. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:36]
07. A Hard Day's Night [2:31]
08. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [2:31]
09. Rock And Roll Music [2:14]
10. I Feel Fine [2:29]
11. Ticket To Ride [4:02]
12. Long Tall Sally [3:05]

Station Archive Source

13. Twist And Shout [1:18]
14. She's A Woman [3:02]
15. Ticket To Ride [3:32]
16. Can't Buy Me Love [2:48]
17. I'm A Loser [2:57]
18. I Wanna Be Your Man [2:29]
19. A Hard Day's Night [2:51]
20. Baby's In Black [2:32]
21. Rock And Roll Music [2:08]
22. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [3:09]
23. Long Tall Sally [3:15]
24. I Feel Fine [1:37]

Palais D'Hiver, Lyon, France, 22nd June 1965

25. Long Tall Sally [0:10]

Palais Des Fetes, Nice, France, 30th June 1965

26. She's A Woman - Can't Buy Me Love - A Hard Day's Night - Long Tall Sally [4:12]


27. Interview (June 1965) [1:58]
28. Interview in car (21st June 1965) [3:33]
29. Interview at Hotel (21st June 1965) [0:31]
30. Interview Fans reaction (21st June 1965) [0:43]


CD 1:

01 The Beatles - Twist And Shout(Source A _ON Line_).flac:63a2003d1f3447b9176920142ab6b314
02 The Beatles - She's A Woman(Source A _ON Line_).flac:534af794a96156d61bfc5eda133fff63
03 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Source A _ON Line_).flac:bb752b227e62bec56ae7af53cd23d2a7
04 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Source A _ON Line_).flac:5e893082a12a2d524cafca7939e2e3e3
05 The Beatles - Baby's In Black(Source A _ON Line_).flac:125cd61b1ee1cd7bfeebe868d31909c4
06 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Source A _ON Line_).flac:272e6ae676bd600c5d84c9b61a8b7fb9
07 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Source A _ON Line_).flac:8a046befaf0ff0c6c5ca8f6c1473c1d7
08 The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(Source A _ON Line_).flac:966478fec88da8a9a8e6fd631635a4af
09 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Source A _ON Line_).flac:6d9228a6c81199c0acd7dd8c86515531
10 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Source A _ON Line_).flac:847ffda205f9ddaf9d107d79ec6ffa36
11 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Source A _ON Line_).flac:7c69b182e429db129dd439cc62e44be3
12 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Source A _ON Line_).flac:8b0eb2b00068b2fdec0f01563d1f1f77
13 The Beatles - Tuning(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:9d5256020a07ec2c613d2077bb22870b
14 The Beatles - Twist And Shout(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:b25b6e3978287b06fa55e3647c900c32
15 The Beatles - She's A Woman(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:9fac721fc5d1a2794aa75dee4b531155
16 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:951b44176325daf6c750f6e22bc011ad
17 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:c5bc87ff24239f2f22158e42aba5917d
18 The Beatles - Baby's In Black(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:c8a3dcd34f855e084db9893bd95db0d0
19 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:5257e1a68db48efea8ff608ccfd78ecc
20 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:0a391ec7b43df6122e39c9abda35c568
21 The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:841657525249684488f36b3ca2abd3f1
22 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:a89dddf094606360d14f8cf5e38909ac
23 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:b558bf2ef7ecb6f3e4aeea8d803d69c6
24 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:f128856d1859cfa241e26f87b1da77ee
25 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Source B _OFF AIR_).flac:c73435e11a64944733e2705910586c0a

CD 2:

01 The Beatles - I'm Alright(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:750fd08d0bd6ba517dfb5c03c0f36b86
02 The Beatles - Memphis(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:b42df901f4ecc1a5475bc06af43aa7b3
03 The Beatles - Joy, Joy, Joy,(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:033bc6a2c98fcb7048857861ad630e0f
04 The Beatles - Les Copains D'Abord(source C _Radio Program_).flac:74c25bb7d7c3bd036012dff1ff683003
05 The Beatles - I Wish You Would(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:9a3f4b3d299f2821a6b3709d21637c20
06 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:b5de5a18513113a5f34b301e7ba08121
07 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:ad852baf0d306ea209939bd895a3568a
08 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:0532962e0cccc959521e9488cb02c1f3
09 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:36deeccf69ffee8c3f235f1c3f7e924f
10 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:4e81c40b3e8a9ce4b9b76b331e5f34f1
11 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:a0e61a25b44afa221e7f14e9938cdd0c
12 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:2eec9a119431093d977b5035e27f2e85
13 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Source C _Radio Program_).flac:bbb4d6d97d673467063b54554595602f
14 The Beatles - Introduction(Source A+B+C).flac:39c84ff9d9a08279530f4418b76466d8
15 The Beatles - Twist And Shout(Source A+B+C).flac:8b30c1e8c32fc8672938c0a2fe2b2355
16 The Beatles - She's A Woman(Source A+B+C).flac:4ae92a757b954d85c9edaeebfac56c43
17 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Source A+B+C).flac:dc373d629e6bc4171dfc065620010ac2
18 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Source A+B+C).flac:b2c11f29fc1b92640ded0f58e1371397
19 The Beatles - Baby's In Black(Source A+B+C).flac:e949e5a55d6bffc447bc34af46dd4eb3
20 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Source A+B+C).flac:90ce023a93d4494135393316cd770be0
21 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Source A+B+C).flac:78ecc7a439e3e798a1280342fcdb8585
22 The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(Source A+B+C).flac:330006b136f861f1ce8002ba536b5908
23 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Source A+B+C).flac:2a20c13ad8fe4d8accc727ecdfa211bd
24 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Source A+B+C).flac:976987692db56397d8b29d51fc33a0f8
25 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Source A+B+C).flac:b46f03dc7897eae6f67d99bc01355263
26 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Source A+B+C).flac:aba32e1cce779331b22b82bb685da63f

CD 3:

01 The Beatles - Twist And Shout(Remastered Source).flac:da852bc582a4c697a308378027fd72b0
02 The Beatles - She's A Woman(Remastered Source).flac:738eb9e4242330200ef3dfd74721b09f
03 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Remastered Source).flac:aec7d63592842d36748e49f88378184c
04 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Remastered Source).flac:fc0b601b3effcaa420303fc8817beb32
05 The Beatles - Baby's In Black(Remastered Source).flac:4515bee4c4eb23e5995912294a38bef1
06 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Remastered Source).flac:bebc8caed32d9c68c9485123bf4417dc
07 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Remastered Source).flac:8ff21454ad56bbb61f63e4855e3e611d
08 The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(Remastered Source).flac:42d77d2c7e2d18b4c815ffd2896d0b40
09 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Remastered Source).flac:88abe13c84fa7b8136c65b038111534c
10 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Remastered Source).flac:57fb7975227f9f978ade23ba5142a146
11 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Remastered Source).flac:38ba21b6f1f45b04a8171ec266d675c8
12 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Remastered Source).flac:79a2670c2d87ef674550c59e41d03910
13 The Beatles - Twist And Shout(Station Archive Source).flac:9db42ec13a2224831c75a7f7d4aa0dd4
14 The Beatles - She's A Woman(Station Archive Source).flac:d891a290be41c66f022fb8d25a16f1f4
15 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride(Station Archive Source).flac:d1d0e9d6305ebbab0101f2f046b3ae21
16 The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love(Station Archive Source).flac:08a9d459d3e68ace399547cff7a6e7e7
17 The Beatles - I'm A Loser(Station Archive Source).flac:21a4cb7cabcf912d7b6d652f648f2c8a
18 The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man(Station Archive Source).flac:cdbd16b24939c3caa09ffd5d194b2cf8
19 The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night(Station Archive Source).flac:af1a92b9678304cf6f0098d14909b26d
20 The Beatles - Baby's In Black(Station Archive Source).flac:8b1999c5e7220a9a8f158b6866928877
21 The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(Station Archive Source).flac:2c735d20897d1db5d44beb48ae5900bc
22 The Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(Station Archive Source).flac:2e02d2db949a58c45d784760d693f089
23 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(Station Archive Source).flac:53d2c9965590c4fa3551d437765e8f32
24 The Beatles - I Feel Fine(Station Archive Source).flac:b55265d437715985810d58a995160baf
25 The Beatles - Long Tall Sally(LYON 1965-06-22).flac:70e6853e76d285c9d234b3af75b4c06b
26 The Beatles - She's A Woman(NICE 1965-06-30).flac:19f24834c33dc4dc2de5ffb897a865ee
27 The Beatles - Interviews(1965-06).flac:7480f7e27aa7db3e5247b613b2dfbdf6
28 The Beatles - Interviews(In A Car 1965-06-21).flac:b6040e5d37a7f4059ff68434cfdee944
29 The Beatles - Interviews(At Hotel 1965-06-21).flac:c9d7d3614c7124c0e0137ad86c5ba999
30 The Beatles - Interviews(Fans Reaction 1965-06-21).flac:245b850c45ed696f4f6df1a351f5ae95

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The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper recording sessions reconstruted" - 2CD

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper recording sessions reconstructed

Released : July 2008 Disc 1
Nov 24th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-2:30am
1. Strawberry Fields Forever - Rehearsal
2. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 1
3. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 1

Nov 28th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-1:30am
4. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 2
5. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 3
6. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 4
7. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 4

Nov 29th 1966 - Studio 2, 2:30-8:00pm
8. Strawberry Fields Forever - Rehearsals
9. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 5
10. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 6
11. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 6
12. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 7
13. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 7
14. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 7 RM 3

Dec 6th 1966 - Studio 2, 6:45pm-1:50am
15. When I'm Sixty-Four - Take 2

Dec 8th 1966 - Studio 1, 2:30-5:30pm
16. When I'm Sixty-Four - SI onto take 2

Dec 8th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-3:40am
17. Strawberry Fields Forever - Takes 9-24.
18. Strawberry Fields Forever - Edit of takes 15 and 24 into take 25.

Dec 9th 1966 - Studio 2, 2:30-10:00pm
19. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 25

Dec 15th 1966 - Studio 2, 2:30-12:00pm
20. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 25
21. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 25
22. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 25 monitor mix.
23. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 26

Dec 20th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-1:00am
24. When I'm Sixty-Four - SI onto take 2

Dec 21st 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00-11:45pm
25. When I'm Sixty-Four - SI onto take 4
26. Strawberry Fields Forever - SI onto take 26
27. Strawberry Fields Forever - Take 26 monitor mix

Dec 22nd 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-11:30pm
28. Strawberry Fields Forever - Mono mix RM12

Disc 2
Dec 29th 1966 - Studio 3, 2:30-5:40pm
1. Strawberry Fields Forever - RS3
2. Strawberry Fields Forever - RS5

Dec 29th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-2:15am
3. Penny Lane - Take 6
4. Penny Lane - SI onto take 6

Dec 30th 1966 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-3:00am
5.When I'm Sixty-Four - Mono mix
6. Penny Lane - SI onto take 7

Jan 5th 1967 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-12:15am
7. Penny Lane - SI onto take 7

Jan 6th 1967 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-1:00am
8. Penny Lane - SI onto take 7

Jan 9th 1967 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-1:45am
9. Penny Lane - SI onto take 9
10. Penny Lane - SI onto take 9

Jan 10th 1967 - Studio 3, 7:00pm-1:40am
11. Penny Lane - SI onto take 9

Jan 12th 1967 - Studio 3, 2:30-11:00pm
12. Penny Lane - SI onto take 9
13. Penny Lane - RM8

Jan 17th 1967 - Studio 2, 7:00pm-12:30am
14. Penny Lane - SI onto take 9
15. Penny Lane - RM9
16. Penny Lane - RM10
17. Penny Lane - RM11

Jan 19th 1967 - Studio 2, 7:30pm-2:30am
18. A Day In The Life - Take 1
19. A Day In The Life - Take 2
20. A Day In The Life - Take 4
21. A Day In The Life - SI onto take 4

Sources used: Sgt Pepper CD, Anthology 2 CD, Anthology DVD, Yellow Submarine DVD, Yellow Submarine Sountrack, Purple Chick's Sgt Pepper Deluxe, It's Not Too Bad, Turn Me On Deadman, CD Singles set, Complete Controlroom Monitor Mixes Vol. 1+2, Mixology Two, and Five Point Wonderful

Mono mixes from the Another Phase set
Stereo mixes from the Millenium Remaster BC-13 set


f5f1eb332c54fa4d6669005fe01be314 [shntool] 1-01 sff rehearsal PC.flac
8772ba400ba13354c94dcf37853d78ec [shntool] 1-02 sff take1 L.flac
b3bb4ec2525cca9163c75c6aab4be05c [shntool] 1-03a sff overdub vocals stereo pitch-1.flac
8bd3d6cf879d30f7169fe8257cc2eb0a [shntool] 1-04 sff take 2 PC.flac
dac677ccf2d6862ad08fbb48ed5bc940 [shntool] 1-05 sff take 3 PC.flac
d5693347de5bc68f58d7db0e8627b0b4 [shntool] 1-06 sff take4 PC LR oops.flac
8d16c9c3bd050bdada2960c66ae2ba15 [shntool] 1-07 sff SI take4 lv PC C.flac
2a709709e15a5483e09ee05a0f50a61b [shntool] 1-08 sff rehearsals PC.flac
3c09ab786210b7286729d268d26956cc [shntool] 1-09 sff take 5 PC.flac
a308b20468ec2af00a619cd0e58b1dd7 [shntool] 1-10 sff take 6 PC 6L6R newLR oops.flac
0e6dc075bdd42ab32cb1b92f6dbf9106 [shntool] 1-11 sff SI take 6 lv C.flac
5e2ff694d7f65f23b4bcf4fb735e901d [shntool] 1-12a sff sync takes 6 and 7 vocs pitch+1.flac
8057d87cd2f39f6dde4e921ff0191a3a [shntool] 1-13 sff SI take 7 R.flac
9a8d1a443c585da2802e0a624e199837 [shntool] 1-14 sff rm3.flac
9ef5bc5308e821382f1a7f745d43af0b [shntool] 1-15 wi64 basic pitch-1.flac
b976d42cb0b6087c42d7ae5604980af3 [shntool] 1-16b wi64 lv pitch-1.flac
ed3067a90fb7431b23b5b4e157f388bd [shntool] 1-17 sff perc reversed.flac
9bd7ad992c7fc82a729d943ca103ade0 [shntool] 1-18 sff perc edit2.flac
6a32e54d144dce145a3b29c4e049cb62 [shntool] 1-19 sff take 25 track 2 rs1.flac
56fed49c9e3bf3c9aaa57703cda0d622 [shntool] 1-20 sff take25 cvL edit.flac
54c57f302c7425a144ea0de5b835bcd2 [shntool] 1-21 sff take 25 cvR.flac
3f5e5e7d5042f8b6657811ae67c82fed [shntool] 1-22 sff take25 monitormix.flac
398f35890525b39afca11ac0cbd2971f [shntool] 1-23a sff - take 26 RM9 pitch-1.flac
c930a51fc2fa6ab38788c65ce01c2775 [shntool] 1-24 wi64 bvs-bell dvd51.flac
d2fbfc6d4853fd77c3ab7edef883efb8 [shntool] 1-25 wi64 yss R.flac
36e1a03ab8b05d2fa51994d35812c275 [shntool] 1-26a sff SI take26 C new lv pitch-1.flac
da56968622d2e777284b5d678dc02372 [shntool] 1-27 sff take26 monitormix.flac
e8e5747ec047011b5484b5eba8eed8c0 [shntool] 1-28 sff cd single rm12.flac
ae2867a27a2ef79cb7051b96bed92aa8 [shntool] 2-01 sff US stereo mix RS3.flac
be596908fb812ab2c0fadc08b6b6c335 [shntool] 2-02 sff UK stereo mix.flac
3fa4dde1c5da2610070e048bf1d4e59d [shntool] 2-03 pl take 6 SLSR midL.flac
67e61b51fd46a2b00b2445f25472e947 [shntool] 2-04 pl SI tk6 3rd piano-tamb SLSR edit.flac
2176dee993d5286ed85891d910b98c41 [shntool] 2-05 wi64 mono mix rm8.flac
1b54e4a61c3592a35f1822f7fd69f197 [shntool] 2-06 pl lv dvdCR C pitch-1.flac
0762541ae0566f12ac4695e5f0f423e7 [shntool] 2-07 pl SI tk7 lv dvdCR + trk4 tk6 harm.flac
e133258e6508a87ad25e82a37bd2a07f [shntool] 2-08 pl SI tk7 drums-bass-guitar + 2nd piano tk6 FLFR C pitch-1.flac
bd41cdc10f0ca9183f44f05a0e4331ed [shntool] 2-09 pl flutes rehearsal session.flac
4d431c08b54f20b56ead30acd7c1c00c [shntool] 2-10 pl SI tk9 flutes rs95 R.flac
7147da3d663fc383b7fa00204f140c2d [shntool] 2-11 pl SI tk9 handbell SLSR C.flac
85511cb7845918fc10451666fff5236b [shntool] 2-12 pl SI tk9 rs95L + oboes mix.flac
114177f202d1e43cfc43db347f2c89fc [shntool] 2-13 Penny Lane RM8.flac
e839fb206d0555167b55d62b2a93a562 [shntool] 2-14 pl trumpet dvdC + rs95 L edit.flac
227b6ad97abb70a53a427583f4a2414e [shntool] 2-15 Penny Lane - RM9.flac
ecc1acc1152a279cb74a03d93ce3d93d [shntool] 2-16 Penny Lane - RM10.flac
38467e5c87098a7d8127b6cfe945cbe4 [shntool] 2-17 Penny Lane RM11 (US mono promo).flac
cf7b2ee74e06e6e7ad2827c9758ecec1 [shntool] 2-18 aditl - take 1 PC.flac
8257a3a09a560bcc265feaa450dacb4d [shntool] 2-19 aditl - take 2 PC edit.flac
c485f55d81f71fb7e4ea38183bd0b035 [shntool] 2-20 ADITL basic tk4 from multis.flac
3e81d3070018e5c5943d6991751c9108 [shntool] 2-21 ADITL SI tk4 lvs from multis minus paul.flac
03a20d1dff80d199217cbc45b1016577 [shntool] 3-01 aditl - take 6 RM1 PC.flac
c655fc8091fbe2e33e26db10c9fac8cb [shntool] 3-02 pl mono mix rm14 cd single.flac
47c335caafb2be852022af1dd80a0eaa [shntool] 3-03 SPLHCB basic take from multis.flac
d55c1b0fb4a5a818ace46096098fe7b3 [shntool] 3-04b splhcb lv multi+ys51 edit.flac
e8ea311419de4e15cec2b495760fbbc9 [shntool] 3-05b splhcb bvs yssR edit.flac
4634680422fc97dbe62894eb72402a8a [shntool] 3-06 splhcb - take 10 RM1.flac
c3d995f3f7f9360d4c625e06fb962872 [shntool] 3-07 ADITL bass-drums from multis.flac
29fa2acd1c51519bb92a4216a5aab46e [shntool] 3-08 ADITL middle8 vocals from multis.flac
8f6b872043a667b7e5d8ecfe7853b73b [shntool] 3-09 gmgm basic anth C+R.flac
372de3621ed713000b3b87a9f5492f30 [shntool] 3-10 fixing basic farL.flac
fe69cdafc9627427b7e865f36483c3cc [shntool] 3-11 fixing guitar-bvs R.flac
b8151e5e677203a65db068f9faf55b8d [shntool] 3-12 aditl xFR orch.flac
105b1c0f2a4af6d79e36e9b19d80b653 [shntool] 3-13 aditl xFL orch.flac
306985a34ca0f1610639bc0b37364dc9 [shntool] 3-14 aditl xSLSR orch.flac
f8e7235dc08888c657d7ac9c9c92016d [shntool] 3-15 ADITL orch on track4 from multis.flac
2bf5758c7941776996afad568c73c350 [shntool] 3-16 aditl - tk11 hums.flac
d098bc7bfeee759aa1398f3b14cc2ddd [shntool] 3-17 oans take 3 anth L+R.flac
053ff00a51ba09275cdfdf54c392e750 [shntool] 3-18 oans SI tk3 lvs anth C.flac
b531f64bbe1120d9fcd1cb815ccd60d8 [shntool] 3-19 gmgm SI tk8 lv-bass anth L.flac
fceea03dec0daeae3a65e7310377d556 [shntool] 3-20 mr kite - rehearsal take.flac
7bcf0a7442118c16a06ce2719f7002a3 [shntool] 3-21 mr kite - studio chat.flac
de76eaf923af8f3af80ea2d1283ffb61 [shntool] 3-22 mr kite - take 1.flac
5bbd18561d5a800d495bf891828ca969 [shntool] 3-23 mr kite - take 2.flac
7f859361e564fd9dc70944432910878f [shntool] 3-24 mr kite - take 7.flac
f1addc420563c2cb6e20f0c8dbed7cb6 [shntool] 3-25 mr kite SI tk9 lv R edit.flac
637031cddc3f3596c7a8552ccac313ce [shntool] 3-26a mr kite - calliope tape pitch-2.flac
8361c8b8a789e01d8c45de8d967f4ce3 [shntool] 3-27 fixing SI tk3 lv midLC1.flac
21410f70ce3944e79ebcd2df99a57457 [shntool] 3-28 Fixing A Hole mono mix AP.flac
88799f246fd93051d6e79586ba062654 [shntool] 4-01 aditl edit piece tk9 trk1 SLSR.flac
635d717d37bf40f607d526dbe54db3a7 [shntool] 4-02 aditl edit piece tk9 trk2 FL.flac
6226b6b13aa8d4999729a3a1594e78be [shntool] 4-03 aditl edit piece tk9 trk3 FR.flac
b60daaeae4add873e7b81ed408395e4d [shntool] 4-04 aditl edit piece tk9 trk4 fpwC.flac
f6a8c50881e1f8d45123f4b18961aad7 [shntool] 4-05 A Day In The Life mono mix AP.flac
d0b072d068297d7d51b93d21912b961a [shntool] 4-06 A Day In The Life - RS 1.flac
1b63502a5cc8a069ef4346f002253b49 [shntool] 4-07 A Day In The Life - RS 2.flac
c799e0c6c106d507f5273e1e52feeba7 [shntool] 4-08 A Day In The Life - RS 3.flac
27e0b8128e9c2389617bccc2db3b68e3 [shntool] 4-09 A Day In The Life - RS 4.flac
97e309b6f9d4871096b3271df46a499c [shntool] 4-10 A Day In The Life - RS 5.flac
ad214f86e168e7ee66b267ef7205334d [shntool] 4-11 A Day In The Life - RS 6.flac
d9f24b88eabf59502e40de3edf946c78 [shntool] 4-12 A Day In The Life - RS 7.flac
703b74f1ea2826631f1db6d7a7540ceb [shntool] 4-13 A Day In The Life - RS 8.flac
a1c50dc03738177f17604f641eafc30e [shntool] 4-14 A Day In The Life - RS 9.flac
9370134c4d81a1e7efa750c2525817c3 [shntool] 4-15 aditl stereo mix 67-70.flac
ac69e7657614db4a391a9b8078c0e969 [shntool] 4-16a rita tk8 rawL +42cents.flac
e2cbe588483877962dc6f1f886e705fd [shntool] 4-17a rita SI tk8 bass +42cents.flac
5a196b48c5fa3a087dbc9852d72692ff [shntool] 4-18a rita SI tk9 C pitch-80cents.flac
f5f0015023d1a6d5bb93b2a2f0c860df [shntool] 4-19 aditl piano unused.flac
22d08a732f31639c31deee0a733184fb [shntool] 4-20 lucy - take 6 (+7+8).flac
aa1ebab35788e3b28dd8a285fee9098b [shntool] 4-21 lucy SI tk7 L.flac
0b0b49a6ec471bc2c8d7933d4d420275 [shntool] 4-22 lucy SI tk7 trk4 R.flac
2a384a5eff89c7a3e6e1e3ec68fea5fd [shntool] 4-23 lucy SI tk8 stereo lvs down1semitone.flac
823fda211ca78acfcc00cd5c41e8df17 [shntool] 4-24 SPLHCB horns-lg from multis.flac
34fcc4b5a7d6ccb048099c09772b7f9e [shntool] 4-25 lucy mono mix AP.flac
e0f61d4ebef4973bf61c0466b7d2bc91 [shntool] 5-01 SPLHCB sfx from multis.flac
2dc5a04ba58a903fc324a3f18f6306d6 [shntool] 5-02 splhcb mono mix AP.flac
2702b5e96a2fd370c15e727327f28a9f [shntool] 5-03 splhcb stereo mix PC.flac
618d3b0a5677565ee7703412f6f490f7 [shntool] 5-04 rita SI bvs R edit.flac
ecaf6c1792f20d070ff8596e31e40900 [shntool] 5-05 gb tk7 L.flac
c9c955e208d6580cfff1d13a47d7b1f9 [shntool] 5-06 gb SI tk12 bass.flac
1127e2064377398b98f12fe3ac891740 [shntool] 5-07 gmgm horns R.flac
3e083adfae43727829eda70433aa1bf5 [shntool] 5-08 wywy basic L pitch-1.flac
8773e304cee22d0d0d112a8af535b43d [shntool] 5-09 slh strings from multis.flac
f7b84eba4051f7eca6675fd9fc196e18 [shntool] 5-10 slh -3 1st lv.flac
38fd5fabed7118bf0a3d457c091168f8 [shntool] 5-11 slh -4 2nd lv.flac
c21c64cd270bb4e00d3049aed8ffbab1 [shntool] 5-12 slh AP mono mix.flac
1fb23a6735567e542cbac9c32b15d1e9 [shntool] 5-13 rita piano solo down 3 semitones.flac
524e507c5d4eb0b6e06adbd70c427fe5 [shntool] 5-14 rita AP mono mix.flac
1ac0c789f4c9aa262c5d5c4ae4deff33 [shntool] 5-15 wywy SI tk1 dilrubas R iso.flac
d844499dbabe7bdeda4809ae5ea3bc76 [shntool] 5-16 gb SI tk14 lvs C.flac
04fd3ec9c9a5ca995dd6666589a6b221 [shntool] 5-17 gb SI tk15 R.flac
c9ed73b603132f6365308e12ebdcd7b5 [shntool] 5-18 gb AP mono mix.flac
fb7a80d4a1bdc61b75318dc15c01ca4a [shntool] 5-19 gmgm SI tk10 dubbled lv C.flac
9c5d1785ec083412d420a7e5ac7cdb9e [shntool] 5-20 gmgm bvs+lg R+C.flac
4dc3b24c095f40f634cc88180e820ea9 [shntool] 5-21 Good Morning animal noises.flac
0ffb8ed2ba097a1a20c881ff56839c58 [shntool] 5-22 mr kite SI tk9 middle8.flac
7024e0f0b642fefbaf4726486b27b414 [shntool] 5-23 mr kite R mix.flac
aafd423880118e38f495f105b981e79c [shntool] 5-24 walhfmf basic take from multi.flac
cbd1b4779d990e7013b3e3df897d3927 [shntool] 5-25 walhfmf lv from multis.flac
21db669c79b377b40514e7d62422c0f9 [shntool] 5-26 walhfmf bass from multis.flac
7cdbd4c6d97da90fdd5136f2ad9ce9d3 [shntool] 5-27 walhfmf bvs from multis.flac
36c2d9d6b5d32e63188a1d791c3f91b5 [shntool] 6-01 walhfmf AP mono mix.flac
258d462947e2c26768dcd2166d155a61 [shntool] 6-02 mr kite overdub organ+glock CR.flac
d98414afd5eb323890616e5ccdd069a1 [shntool] 6-03 mr kite AP mono mix.flac
ece5d31f64bd2f1ab0e3704b1ad2e72f [shntool] 6-04 sgt pepper reprise - take 5.flac
b85db8846b2f87d28ba6d6f405b8801c [shntool] 6-05 sgt pepper reprise tk9 C.flac
e1227b3171641615b3ff00165afefc00 [shntool] 6-06 sgt pepper reprise vocals R.flac
0b88b590486dd58a74ee82fbb8a5930a [shntool] 6-07 sgt pepper reprise perc L.flac
b1d8386679b90fa2c334fd73022a6cae [shntool] 6-08 Sgt Pepper Reprise AP mono mix.flac
ff64e788cf209334b846ba4f3e1c39a0 [shntool] 6-09 wywy lv strings C pitch-1.flac
2e68bcca0fe5e3a4e95515f4aa8ce41d [shntool] 6-10 wywy anth sitar overdub.flac
0b422fa2f154507f6d33000d3ec48cc0 [shntool] 6-11 wywy AP mono mix.flac
0f4435f1a37aab47597635b62bca48a4 [shntool] 6-12 wywy stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
d41644a07ef779da57c87f9b38ea679c [shntool] 6-13 gmgm stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
ce936557e1479314511089aa775c66eb [shntool] 6-14 walhfmf stereo MR Blue Box.flac
2a1673cd5ce345ae02e7d665ae488245 [shntool] 6-15 mr kite stereo MR Blue Box.flac
b5a1ce46d097fd794a0e4a91fbecb4ea [shntool] 6-16 fixing a hole stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
59ec9fc772ddc5eec5e32570b7a34428 [shntool] 6-17 lucy stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
5b20c1c4825aa7026296ab8c72f5d922 [shntool] 6-18 getting better stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
d17a26dcd402979854a94f2f99b2ff6b [shntool] 6-19 slh stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
cb6ccb73699f7b81a6da40669f2fbe7a [shntool] 6-20 wi64 stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
a06d43b737a2e59430db22dd480e1253 [shntool] 6-21 rita stereo mix MR Blue Box.flac
9e6967ef082d26e681e4c2bafcbc12cf [shntool] 6-22 gmgm AP mono mix.flac
8377ee8284c40a67cd43cbec3b3a2074 [shntool] 6-23 sgt pepper reprise MR Blue Box.flac
9e5aa44579221643ab99fb62f1982315 [shntool] 6-24 oans SI tk3 R.flac
5b8185d73b1c31386d721a48bc185547 [shntool] 6-25 oans SI tk11 C.flac
78ee4941f5fb0ee4c3acd99d6a29f968 [shntool] 6-26 oans mono mix PC.flac
e145e796375cad0c5317ba9244805987 [shntool] 6-27 run out groove.flac

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Scorpions live in Paris 1993 - 2CD - November 9

Palaisports de Bercy
Paris, France
November 9, 1993

From the collection of koondog a/k/a Rush-Fan

16 bit version

Taper: Stephane
Gear: unknown mic and DAT
Lineage: DAT > TDK SF90 & SA90 cassettes (2) > Optimus SCT-57 playback deck > Adobe Audition 1.5 (recording to .wav @ 24/96, speed correction, EQ, normalization, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (flac 8)

01 Coming Home
02 Big City Nights
03 Someone to Touch
04 Tease Me, Please Me
05 Don't Believe Her
06 Is There Anybody There
07 Coast to Coast
08 No Pain, No Gain
09 Whwn the Smoke is Going Down*
10 Always Somewhere*
11 Under the Same Sun*
12 Positively Forward*
13 Holiday*
14 Alien Nation
15 The Zoo
16 Bad Boys Running Wild
17 Blackout

18 Still Loving You
19 Wind of Change
20 Rock You Like a Hurricane

* w/ Michael Schenker


01 Coming Home.flac:1f041c82b9fae7096b30aef33303eb83
02 Big City Nights.flac:30a49767840ecad1d1766305a813000f
03 Someone To Touch.flac:e84511c6850932b59928da73a0c3f0df
04 Tease Me, Please Me.flac:437f280af1fb97a6a49a35f9d3eb4e99
05 Don't Believe Her.flac:15feefe7c83134b5cf80fc27543fb5d4
06 Is There Anybody There.flac:f47e3b9ed165630736199d3c9430d833
07 Coast To Coast.flac:e6329968cb3c4c2b699792bcd57e5ae2
08 No Pain, No Gain.flac:8436d8e86f06383abba11936dd788213
09 Whwn The Smoke Is Going Down.flac:645b4a7c89ea7daf5d9e85f5613bfad0
10 Always Somewhere.flac:2cd8b7163e893b6f149ce0cd2ab9121a
11 Under The Same Sun.flac:9da024e93b6a5a989e636f395ac17c2f
12 Positively Forward.flac:463b79bb89c23e53b8fa7794fcec0303
13 Holiday.flac:7276e92205a8265da176cd18463287ee
14 Alien Nation.flac:1dfba45647f40627dcc1b77218bd4db7
15 The Zoo.flac:2de98fa92a3a17c4fc45eec962709ec4
16 Bad Boys Running Wild.flac:1c1bbdbdeaae8ebb399fb00496d7805f
17 Blackout.flac:9cb38cd2a8108a6ab6de5ad70f5d92e0
18 Still Loving You.flac:47ac9712a01de404073fb516bf8a65d0
19 Wind Of Change.flac:33ea85e55ddd8d57578649a3cc70707a
20 Rock You Like A Hurricane.flac:04d69e5e90d5466c9af7ede4e8c3453f

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Paul Simon & Bob Dylan live in Wantaugh 1999 - 3CD - July 30 - soundboard

Paul Simon/Bob Dylan
Something Is Happening On Mr. Jones Beach
Jones Beach Ampitheatre
Wantaugh NY

As downloaded from B.C.
Tracklisting updated


Disc one
Paul Simon:
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Can't Run But
The Boy In The Bubble
The Coast
Trailway Bus
Mrs. Robinson
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Further To Fly
The Cool, Cool River
Slip Sliding Away
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
You Can Call Me Al

Disc two
Late In The Evening
Still Crazy After All These Years
Dylan/Simon duets:
The Sound Of Silence
I Walk The Line/The Wanderer
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Bob Dylan:
Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) (with harp)
Desolation Row (acoustic)
Girl Of The North Country (acoustic)

Disc three
Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (with harp)
All Along The Watchtower (Charlie - acoustic)
Shelter From The Storm (Larry - pedal steel)
Maggie's Farm
Not Dark Yet
Highway 61 Revisited (Larry - slide guitar)
Like A Rolling Stone
It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) (with harp)
Not Fade Away



Download this bootleg here

Bob Dylan & The Band live in Oakland 1974 - 2CD - February 11 - soundboard - early & late show

Bob Dylan & The Band
Feb. 11, 1974
Oakland Flood
Oakland, CA.


Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Main stream / MSBR 0016/17

Disc one
Early Show:

Most Likely You Go Your Way
Lay Lady Lay
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
It Ain't Me Babe
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Stage Fright *
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down *
King Harvest *
When You Awake *
Up On Cripple Creek *
All Along The Watchtower
Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Disc two
The Times
Just Like A Woman
Gates Of Eden
Don't Think Twice

Evening Show:
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Rag Mama Rag *
This Wheel's On Fire *
The Shape I'm In *
The Weight *
Forever Young
Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone
Maggie's Farm
Blowin' In The Wind

* = Performed by The Band

This Japanese CD combines two excellent quality, superbly mixed soundboard recordings from the Feb.11, 1974 early and late shows, and
includes tracks performed by The Band as well. The performance, while fairly standard for 1974 in terms of the setlist, is excellent in

execution. A surprisingly enjoyable set and, as with Paint The Daytime Black, a far better representation of 1974
than the official Before The Flood album.

Download this bootleg here

Paul McCartney "The McCartney Recordings Sessions volume 1 & 2" - 2CD

Paul McCartney / the Beatles / Wings:

MoMac's Hidden Tracks - The McCartney Recording Sessions: Volume 1

01-12. music from the 'Family Way' soundtrack *REMOVED - NOT included*
13. Junk (Esher Demo, May 1968)
14. Gone Tomorrow Here Today (Outtake, 11 Jun 1968)
15. Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias (Outtake, 16 Sep 1968)
16. The Way You Look Tonight (Outtake, 16 Sep 1968)
17. How Do You Do (w/ Donovan, Postcard Sessions, Nov 1968)
18. Heather (w/ Donovan, Postcard Sessions, Nov 1968)
19. Goodbye (Demo, Dec 1968)
20. The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (Get Back Sessions, 7 Jan 1969)
21. Teddy Boy/Junk (Get Back Session, 9 Jan 1969)
22. Another Day (Get Back Session, 9 Jan 1969)
23. The Back Seat Of My Car (Get Back Session, 14 Jan 1969)
24. Every Night (Get Back Session, 22 Jan 1969)
25. Every Night (Get Back Session, 24 Jan 1969)
26. Hot As Sun (Get Back Session, 24 Jan 1969)
27. Teddy Boy (Get Back Session, 24 Jan 1969)
28. Teddy Boy (Get Back Session, 24 Jan 1969)
29. Suicide (Get Back Session, 26 Jan 1969)
30. The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (Get Back Session, 27 Jan 1969)
31. Little Woman Love/Maybe I'm Amazed (Get Back Session, Jan 1969)
32. Come And Get It (Demo, 24 Jul 1969)

MoMac's Hidden Tracks - The McCartney Recording Sessions: Volume 2

01. 1882 (Demo, 1970)
02. Dear Friend (Demo, 1970)
03. Rode All Night (Outtake, Nov 1970)
04. Long Haired Lady (Backing Track, Nov 1970)
05. The Back Seat Of My Car (Backing Track, Nov 1970)
06. Sunshine Sometime (Outtake, Nov 1970)
07. When The Wind Is Blowing (Outtake, Nov 1970)
08. Hey Diddle (Early Take 1, Nov 1970)
09. A Love For You (Early Take 1, Nov 1970)
10. A Love For You (Early Take 2, Nov 1970)
11. A Love For You (Early Take 3, Nov 1970)
12. A Love For You (Final Take, Nov 1970)
13. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Slow, 1971)
14. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Medium, 1971)
15. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Fast, 1971)
16. Brung To Ewe By (Skit 1, 1971)
17. Brung To Ewe By (Skit 2, 1971)
18. Brung To Ewe By (Skit 3, 1971)
19. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Longer Slow, 1971)
20. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Longer Medium, 1971)
21. Now Hear This Song Of Mine (Longer Fast, 1971)
22. Bip Bop (Home Recording, Jun 1971)
23. Hey Diddle (Home Recording, Jun 1971)
24. I Am Your Singer (Home Recording, Jun 1971)
25. The Great Cock And Seagull Race (Early Take 1, Dec 1971)
26. The Great Cock And Seagull Race (Early Take 2, Dec 1971)

This is the first two volumes of the fantastic 'MoMac's Hidden Tracks' CDR's issued in 2002. This mammoth collection gathers all available McCartney outtakes, including live cuts, demos and a few rarities, some of which I've removed for this torrent (i.e. songs from the 'Family Way' soundtrack) in chronological order and from the best sources (available at the time - for example, the Get Back recordings are now available in upgraded quality). I only have the first 14 volumes, but I believe this set is somewhere around its 30th volume by now... Let's sum it up by quoting another trader: 'When you have this, hardly any of the other bootlegs matter.'.

This was first put out as a fan project on CDR's but has since been bootlegged. I can't remember any titles, but I've seen silver disc copies of this originating from Japan.

Sound quality is overall excellent. Artwork is included.

Download this bootleg here

Metallica live in Rosemont 2000 - 2CD - January 4 - soundboard

METALLICA Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL January 4th 2000
Q101 FM Chicago Broadcast Krw_co Dat Master at 16/48


James Hetfield lead vocals rhythm guitar
Kirk Hammett lead guitar backing vocals
Jason Newsted bass backing vocals
Lars Ulrich drums

1 James Interview
2 Jason Interview
3 DJ Talk/Intro
4 Ecstasy of Gold Intro
5 Die Die My Darling
6 Fuel
7 For Whom the Bell Tolls
8 Four Horseman
9 Whiskey in the Jar
10 Memory Remains
11 No Leaf Clover
12 Sad But True
13 Creeping Death
14 Bleeding Me
15 Mastertarium
16 Blackened
17 Nothing Else Matters
18 King Nothing
19 One
20 Turn the Page
21 Enter Sandman
22 Phantom Lord
23 Q101 Post Show

Krw_co Dat Master
Total Time 2Hr 32min 43sec

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Kansas "Cruise to the Edge 2017" - 1CD - acoustic and Q&A - February 8

Kansas acoustic and Q & A 2017-02-08 Cruise to the Edge 2017 day 02 Brilliance of the Seas Pacifica Theater 44.1khz 16bit aud mastered

Hi everyone. This is a five song acoustic set followed by a fun Q & A session with the current members of Kansas.

I recorded this a few days ago on the Cruise to the Edge 2017. If you were there then you might remember the guy with the black flat cap and the fuzzy "kitty ears" that were really microphones with wind mice. Great fun. If you weren't there then I hope to see you next year.

A Hairy Botch production

Cruise to the Edge 2017
day 2

2017-02-08 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Kansas is:
Phil Ehart
Richard Williams
Billy Greer
David Ragsdale
Ronnie Platt
Dave Manion
Zak Rizvi

Jon Kirkman - host

Brilliance of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Pacifica Theater

Tracks (split and renamed from output file):
1-01 intro - John Kirkman.flac
1-02 The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis).flac
1-03 Hold On.flac
1-04 Chasing Shadows.flac
1-05 Reason To Be.flac
1-06 Dust In The Wind.flac
1-07 Q and A.flac

Download this bootleg here

Johnny Winter live in Detroit 1977 - 1CD - August 27

Johnny Winter .... 1977 (aka 1981?)
Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan, USA

torrent size: 13 tracks; 47:48 minutes; ~287MB flacs, etc.
Source: AUD> cassette tape, 3rd gen> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Flac Frontend level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Artwork: none included, but an artwork contribution would be very much appreciated, by all.
Transfer: Francisco Silva (Brasil). Thank You!!

Francisco's comments:
source: fair audience recoding, not for all listeners.

comment: this show is omnipresent out there as an 1981 one, but It's NOT. It's a rare document from the same tour
as "walking by myself" cd, with Pat Rush as second guitar and Bobby Torello on drums. The songs both recordings share in common have the same structure, as the initial slide solo by Pat on "walking by myself".

JAJ (roryglzep) comment: I supplied the 3rd gen tape as "1981", as I had also received as.


1. intro [prerecorded: "ladies and gentleman, Johnny Winter!", identical as in the most shows in the "rock star era", or like the "Captured Live" era. One more clue to a pre-1978 show]
2. hideaway
3. messin' with the kid
4. bony moronie
5. mother earth [great, 15 minutes long]
6. walking by myself
7. ez rider [cut out after 3 minutes]

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Johnny Cash live in New York 1996 - 2CD - July 9

Johnny Cash 07/09/96
Irving Plaza, New York, NY


Folsom Prison Blues
Get Rhythm When You Get the Blues
Sunday Morning Coming Down
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky
A Cowboy's Prayer > Oh, Bury Me Not
I Never Picked Cotton
Rusty Cage
Southern Accents
Memories Are Made of This
Ring of Fire
Intros > Walk the Line
I've Got Jesus in My Soul
If I Were a Carpenter* %cuts
Wabash Cannonball*
Wildwood Flower*
June yakking > I Used to Be Somebody**
Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Bye and Bye)**
Big River
I Still Miss Someone
Orange Blossom Special
I'll Be Waiting*

* - w/ June
** - June, no Johnny


01 Track01.flac:a5fb9b77e9525927e067c1467907be19
02 Track02.flac:67aecba5bda27ab8cd6ead3e8c493bd5
03 Track03.flac:7c3c93777c16307fd06074f382f9b5de
04 Track04.flac:e4e27d8049cbb53e1a35a954f5191997
05 Track05.flac:f0b2710796f1cb1c390ab4936e19b8cb
06 Track06.flac:95b64ab94fdd086e47251a9542ebce05
07 Track07.flac:dfecd51f45bdc1f348762ee32f6a4de0
08 Track08.flac:a138b2f3de1e425dd62b71ad222a10aa
09 Track09.flac:4312094d3f897d59da5ab2f1cfd09208
10 Track10.flac:bdaf5c7ddc2fc2bef7b919f6598d0bf9
11 Track11.flac:65ad7d5a746758e9aba7fa925486cf87
12 Track12.flac:91cf38eedeb5f6271e5125c0968a2cee
13 Track13.flac:d3095df7476502ececec5d93754c7259
14 Track14.flac:0bba3e8a7de75b328fd712257d294324
15 Track15.flac:56e57fa743214deaedd85ebb676ca426
16 Track16.flac:76e57073e6ae7fb169245552394875f8
17 Track17.flac:a4039bfd990d6e624c8c9a0e62b7aa7f
18 Track18.flac:28e64c4ff69e3437bacee64d37c3f0d3

01 Track01.flac:6e52a81967a925239e442bb1f758bfd8
02 Track02.flac:5f75855376a813071a37e84c326adbf5
03 Track03.flac:3c8de259d10368f6d441ad589183b02c
04 Track04.flac:3cac27d36042e72583a1135936a41c42
05 Track05.flac:c3549b16e7f96e466f3410f70459b344
06 Track06.flac:62616595a9c4e9e157361a3fdb846500

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Johnny Cash live in Devon 1995 - 2CD - August 4

Johnny Cash 08/04/95
Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA

special guest Kris Kristofferson on last three songs

Master dat( taped by SF with sony dat and sonic studios, his master is gone, so this
is the new master)>microtrack>tlh>upload

brand new fresh transfer from the dat
Dolphinsmile dat

Folsom Prison Blues
Get Rhythm
I Still Miss Someone
Ghost Riders In the Sky
Oh Bury Me Not
Over the Next Hill
Ring Of Fire
I Walk the Line
Orange Blossom Special
Drive On
Bird On a Wire
Flesh and Blood
Jackson (w/June)
Banks Of Jordon (w/June)
Wabash Cannonball (Carters)
Wildwood Flower (Carters)
I Used To Be Somebody (June)
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Why Me Lord
Angel Band
Big River



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maandag 27 maart 2017

Johnny Cash live in Austin 1994 - 2CD - December 8 - soundboard

Johnny Cash
Frank Erwin Center
University Of Texas
Austin, TX,
8th december 1994


Disc 1

1. Folsom Prison Blues
2. Got Rhythm
3. Sunday Morning Comin' Down
4. Ghost Riders In The Sky
5. O' Bury Me Not
6. Continued
7. Big River
8. I Walk The Line
9. I Still Miss Someone
10. Man In Black
11. The Alamo
12. Orange Blossom Special
13. Death And Hell
14. Delia
15. A Bird On A Wire
16. The Beast In Me
17. Tennessee Stud
18. Down There By The Train
19. Drive On
20. Ring Of Fire

Disc 2
1. Jackson
2. If I Were A Carpenter
3. It Ain't Me
4. Live Forever
5. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
6. The Next Time In Town
7. I Don't Like It
8. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
9. Home Of The Blues
10. Long Black Veil
11. A Boy Named Sue
12 Jam??
13. Peace In The Valley
14. Outro


40ab71f8ddf8a4274bc260aa96492e7d [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T01.flac
719f4824b763754bc6bc3db91f4e22b5 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T02.flac
f672c8ee3ab530a9b03424e4254aee74 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T03.flac
30def4ae8867150d37261eacf6f6f2e0 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T04.flac
e0f87c21dfe4499d262c3cdb3a10f008 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T05.flac
85bef3da9b57a845ba89493826267f3c [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T06.flac
88d814b52b9d0d22f788a509c13a04ae [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T07.flac
4bd7730f17bc16116b3316863fd9bf8d [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T08.flac
832c702cb0fa3a7d435705e997275d1d [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T09.flac
d356f789dfbaef96b2bd18de85177818 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T10.flac
f97c764505ee337b0e32552bd399afe5 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T11.flac
c25ef0c6b792177ad913cd4beb2b55b5 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T12.flac
d6dd50ff72cf04ff24a1b8cb1e382186 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T13.flac
0d2163ecd54a8940be81992d0e203716 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T14.flac
c5b0ff2d9d4fca22beb9cee6184627a2 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T15.flac
82851e97dbaaab7eb132e67a11d50e17 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T16.flac
283d5b6892835e7a888679f9fdc33f41 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T17.flac
ec1039a23894b713d5b823a502f724ca [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T18.flac
6040849034258e7dede7f36a663ed009 [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T19.flac
2fe27e49b7de17a081935f0d65d7367a [shntool] CD 1\Cash1994-12-08D1T20.flac
14ba3308d59a446002f5ebd926e5f855 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T01.flac
e224162c75020c37920e240232fb876f [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T02.flac
c87dd5d07a4a06dac6f52779db89521c [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T03.flac
b9effed6dbf1da2b264ee9ab29a2e941 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T04.flac
d198e2ab892c6ed9178d7f360cbadaca [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T05.flac
48f959b0b7584650059696be535f6a4a [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T06.flac
80ed8083b7ecd8a36704d2cfa85cd532 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T07.flac
9ef8571e04b8fb83f4e721d94d56da08 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T08.flac
1a61d1eb8cb992bc4d246c5ca6574257 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T09.flac
44ed338017a3df3d0ec34bcbabf72b80 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T10.flac
6ef253772620f4ee491ef2c23a80cdb7 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T11.flac
ce118651bc9901371e294538c1cecf28 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T12.flac
fe84d112cbed40de479cb2ac74f39b4a [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T13.flac
b717393b513d91d1c979d9b2e9ae9d48 [shntool] CD 2\Cash1994-12-08D2T14.flac

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Johnny Cash live in London 1986 - 2CD - March 31 - soundboard

Johnny Cash
Live at Wembly Arena
London, UK

SBD >> unknown transfer to CDR >> CDR via trade >> WAV via EAC >> FLAC

Great quality soundboard of the Man In Black and his band. Awesome two disc set. Artwork included.

EAC .log and .cue files included.

CD 1:

1. Intro Medley
2. Ring of Fire
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. Sunday Morning Coming Down
4. Any Old Wind That Blows
6. These Hands
7. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
8. Love Is the Way
9. The Highwayman (with John Schneider)
10. Big River
11. I Guess Things Happen That Way
12. Band Introductions
13. Fairweather Friends
14. Piano Solo
15. One Piece At A Time
16. Forty Shades of Green
17. Ghost Riders In The Sky

CD 2:

1. If I Were A Carpenter
2. Jackson
3. June Carter Intro
4. Wabash Cannonball
5. San Antonio Rose
6. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
7. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
8. Foggy Mountain
9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken > Wildwood Flower
10. Wreck of Old 97
11. Thing Called Love
12. Ballad of Ira Hayes
13. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
14. Daddy Sang Bass
15. Band Outro
16. Casey Jones
17. Orange Blossom Special
18. I Walk the Line


; shntool md5 fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on January 12, 2012, at 18:47:14

b73986243f63b0e1217b89014cdb8d3f [shntool] Disc 1\01 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Intro Medley.flac
834e0685b399b102be2fb43decfe3f7b [shntool] Disc 1\02 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Ring of Fire (J. Carter,M. Kilgore).flac
a6f272171d91a4b9f3f1f9bb595a791e [shntool] Disc 1\03 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Folsom Prison (J. Cash).flac
883477e3d0cf73cdfc0bd8fc6eaecac4 [shntool] Disc 1\04 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (K. Kristofferson).flac
4d874426499a44e39ad2d2dd49c39589 [shntool] Disc 1\05 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Any Ole Wind That Blows (D. Feller).flac
663796e3631c3a5d5aa4bad2de5479be [shntool] Disc 1\06 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - These Hands (DA 'Eddie' Noack, Jr.).flac
e09a9e73db3f59bd831e94838b3df15d [shntool] Disc 1\07 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Here Comes That Rainbow Again (K. Kristofferson).flac
d74c6936f63a5d2830f2fa345567e69b [shntool] Disc 1\08 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Love is the Way (K. Kristofferson).flac
a9e9db3105533a0a996e91d72096756b [shntool] Disc 1\09 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - The Highway Man (J. Webb).flac
af223f83ee6840cd387a47098254829c [shntool] Disc 1\10 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Big River (J. Cash).flac
0924bdb8194d280b85a9a12422c30d79 [shntool] Disc 1\11 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - I Guess Things Happen That Way (J. Cash).flac
9bde7130b69b4dc75741721d4de20846 [shntool] Disc 1\12 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Band Introductions.flac
09343dda842c9dbd74a61924addd5c53 [shntool] Disc 1\13 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Fairweather Friends (J. Allen & J. Cash).flac
62511fa9b16414776d2cfe2665548378 [shntool] Disc 1\14 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Piano Solo (E. Ball).flac
da5ca3bf7403cd81c544287545fa8773 [shntool] Disc 1\15 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - One Little Piece at a Time (W. Kemp).flac
ffb7899b41d370d262ef2c3695f6641e [shntool] Disc 1\16 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Forty Shades of Green (J. Cash).flac
86c11735153bc6367e5e9724648e009f [shntool] Disc 1\17 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Ghost Riders in the Sky (S. Jones).flac
1b1b55be82962ebeb42c1def1674b970 [shntool] Disc 2\01 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Johnny Cash & June Carter , If I Were a Carpenter (Tim Hardin).flac
2de0a01489eb8386b0052a2354d2f933 [shntool] Disc 2\02 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Johnny Cash & June Carter , Jackson (Jerry Leiber & Billy Edd Wheeler).flac
80974dfa5efbee908859144de33c8be3 [shntool] Disc 2\03 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - June Carter , June Carter introduction.flac
ac837e8b5e3912cb55e72ac5b359f76b [shntool] Disc 2\04 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - June Carter , Wabash Cannonball (A. P. Carter).flac
5abef8da744da0dad8eb7a6867b1df8d [shntool] Disc 2\05 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - June Carter , San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills).flac
73456b92eeec3dda8972600774a25686 [shntool] Disc 2\06 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - The Carter Family (June, Helen, Anita, & Carlene) , Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (A. P. Carter).flac
c0699038385b727b6ef6992243d1f9db [shntool] Disc 2\07 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Anita Carter , I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (A. P. Carter).flac
702018fb1ca6dd37c6c7314ec8bb1c30 [shntool] Disc 2\08 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - The Carter Family , Foggy Mountain Top (A. P. Carter).flac
831001c8ba297b1d5781831c79cf4023 [shntool] Disc 2\09 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - The Carter Family , Will the Circle Be Unbroken -] Wildwood Flower (A. P. Carter).flac
641059f869f92ef5b14dc28cb13e7587 [shntool] Disc 2\10 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Johnny Cash & June Carter , Wreck of Old 97 (Lewey, Noell, Work).flac
cad61472b974654aac56aac0e3f9da4c [shntool] Disc 2\11 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Thing Called Love (Jerry Hubbard).flac
7a4a85f6c40f4c84d0d331692730a013 [shntool] Disc 2\12 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Ballad of Ira Hayes (Pete La Farge).flac
785f371fe179c2ba0fe5ecf8d8d04d0f [shntool] Disc 2\13 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (trad.).flac
c3b2a62da17bbd4697878e62189e8912 [shntool] Disc 2\14 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Johnny Cash with John Schneider & the Carter Family , Daddy Sang Bass (Carl Perkins).flac
e8bd9d5e8d0f2232a53518a00fc31f14 [shntool] Disc 2\15 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Johnny Cash Show Band , Outro.flac
0aab4826e2d13ea3913d59e8c3fe0e55 [shntool] Disc 2\16 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Casey Jones (Saunders, arr. Siebert & Newton).flac
ecbbb411344a692cdd64a14c82875678 [shntool] Disc 2\17 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - Orange Blossom Special (Ervin Rouse).flac
1146acb1f29bbc9017feb75d9c4aaf89 [shntool] Disc 2\18 - Johnny Cash with the Carter Family - I Walk the Line (J. Cash).flac

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Johnny Cash live in Anaheim 1980 - 1CD - February 22


Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. One Piece At A Time (cuts in)
02. If I Were A Carpenter
03. You're A Part Of Me
04. ??
05. ??
06. ??
07. -introducing June Carter Cash-
08. I Walk The Line (June Carter Cash)
09. Way-Worn Traveler (June Carter Cash, very incomplete)
10. Jackson (possibly followed by very incomplete song)
11. ?? (cuts off)
12. ??
13. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
14. ??
15. Big River
16. Give My Love To Rose
17. I Still Miss Someone
18. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
19. I Will Rock And Roll With You
20. I Came On Business For The King
21. Angel Of The Morning
22. I've Got Jesus In My Soul (cut)
23. Oh Come, Angel Band (cut)
24. ??
25. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
26. Ring Of Fire
27. Ghost Riders In The Sky
28. Bull Rider (cuts)
29. Wabash Cannonball
30. Casey Jones
31. Orange Blossom Special
32. I Walk The Line
33. ?? (cuts)

Various notes

1980, February 22
Anaheim, CA
Convention Center

1 --- (Folsom Prison Blues - supposedly, missing from recording)
2 --- (Sunday Morning Coming Down - supposedly, missing from recording)
3 Johnny's introduction (from 0:43)//
4 // How Great Thou Art
5 I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
6 Ring Of Fire //
7 --- (I Ride An Old Paint - probably, missing from recording)
8 --- (Streets Of Laredo - probably, missing from recording)
9 // Ghost Riders In The Sky
10 Bull Rider //
11 - cut, supposedly no song missing -
12 // One Piece At A Time //
13 - cut, supposedly no song missing -
14 // If I Were A Carpenter
15 You're A Part Of Me
16 San Antonio Rose
17 There's a Rabbit in the Log and I Ain't Got My Dog, Oh Lord, How Will I Get Him, Oh I Know
18 Oh Susannah (June on Harp)
19 John Carter Cash Introduction
20 I Walk The Line - parody - (John Carter Cash)
21 Way-Worn Traveler (John Carter Cash) // (almost completely cut)
22 - cut, supposedly no song missing -
23 // Jackson
24 Insrumental outro for Intermission
25 Instrumental Intro (Earl Ball)
26 An American Original (Jerry Hensley) // (almost completely cut)
27 // The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
28 Music Box Dancer (Earl Ball)
29 Big River
30 Give My Love To Rose
31 I Still Miss Someone
32 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
33 I Will Rock And Roll With You
34 I Came On Business For The King (June Carter + Earl Ball)
35 Wings In The Morning
36 I've Got Jesus In My Soul // (cut in the middle)
37 Oh Come, Angel Band (until 0:43) //
38 // Wabash Cannonball
39 Casey Jones
40 Orange Blossom Special
41 I Walk The Line
42 Instrumental Outro

Audience recording
Lineage: Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

Sound quality: B-

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Johnny Cash "1956-1959 Radio Shows" - 1CD


1956-11-12 Country Style USA Radio
1956-XX-XX Country Style USA Radio
1959-06-28 Guest Star Radio


These are vintage radio broadcast transcription discs (at times you can “hear” the vinyl which adds flavor). The sound quality is amazing.

Unknown lineage- per original seeds "I received these many years ago in a trade and transferred them from cassette." _ I have yet to find any good information on the transfer process

1956-11-12 Country Style USA Radio
1) Country Style USA Intro
2) Hey Porter
3) I Walk The Line
4) “Join The Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
5) Rock Island Line (Johnny says they haven’t recorded it yet)
6) So Doggone Lonesome
7) Country Style USA Outro

1956-XX-XX Country Style USA Radio

8) Country Style USA Intro
9) Folsom Prison Blues
10) Cry Cry Cry
11) “Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
12) I Was There When It Happened
13) Get Rhythm (“Our latest release on Sun”)*
14) Country Style USA Outro

1959-06-28 Guest Star
15) Guest Star Intro
16) Country Boy
17) Chat w/ Johnny
18) Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
19) Johnny Cash “Buy Savings Bonds” spot
20) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
21) Guest Star Outro

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Bob Dylan "Highway 61 Revisited Again" - 1CD - june-august 1965 sessions

Bob Dylan
Wild Wolf 6506 [T-174]


Highway 61 Revisited sessions (June 15-August 2, 1965)

Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence
Like A Rolling Stone
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Highway 61 Revisited
Positively Fourth Street
It Takes A Lot To Laugh
Tombstone Blues
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
Desolation Row
Queen Jane Approximately
From A Buick 6

DEEP: Another reissue from the Scorpio folks, this one presenting the Highway 61 Revisited acetate tracks, including different mixes, mono mixes, outtakes and alternate/single versions (most notably the "Desolation Row" outtake). Quality is excellent but do expect the flaws in the acetate to cause some pops and clicks, and there are short periods where a buzzing noise is evident. A nice collection of things you may or may not have elsewhere. The package features some wild color pics of Bob from this period and many B&W pics from 1965 inside the studio.

NOTE: The CD packaging identifies this disc as "Highway 61 Revisted [sic] Again." Although the disc is most often reported as taken from Highway 61 Revisited acetates, the source for most tracks is apparently a reel-to-reel compilation of session mixes made in early August 1965 for copyright/publishing purposes.

All info for this text file including reviews are Courtesy of Monicas Dude



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Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan live in Eugene 1987 - 3CD - July 19 - soundboard

Grateful Dead
Autzen Stadium, University of Oregon
Eugene, OR


Sets 1 and 2 info:
Source: Matrix DSBD>D>CD-R>EAC (0.93) >SHN (MKWACT 97)
All source extractions from DAT, CD-r and conversions done by JR Fishman
Note : All Extractions done using EAC with secure mode

Notes: While searching thru old boxes of DATS, I found this nice lite set that
preceded the Dead's backing of Dylan later that evening at Autzen. Enjoy (jf)

Transcribed by JR Fishman

Set 3 info:
Primary source: Soundboard Sony multi-track PCM master > mixdown cassette [recorded on Sony TCD5M]
> Sony F1 PCM Beta tape > PCM Beta clone > CD [digital transfer with HHB standalone].

With splices from:
Secondary source: Unknown lineage (low gen.) audience recording from PCM Beta tape copy
[note: the audience source was speeded up by approx. 1.4 percent - adjusted with Pro Tools
to match speed of soundboard source which was correct].

Combination REMASTER info:
Audience PCM Beta tape > Sony SL-HF900 Beta deck > Sony PCM601ESD interface
and Soundboard CD received in trade

> Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III soundcard > Pro Tools [speed match, seamless edits,
normalization and tracking] > AIFF > xACT (FLAC level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).
md5 file created with checkSUM+. No equalization or noise reduction was used in the remastering

The mastering deck for this tour's soundboard recordings was a Sony PCM digital multitrack wide
tape format from which mixed-down preview copies were made on cassettes for Dylan and the Dead
members to pick out which songs would be used for the planned album release.

This is a combination of soundboard and audience sources spliced together to make a new
version without the annoying fades between each song that is on the soundboard alone version.
It's soundboard except for "Touch of Grey" and the applause/tuning between each song.
Excellent sound quality and very listenable despite the numerous transitions between sources -
Sorry but "Queen Jane Approximately"
has been removed due to official release on the album from this tour. Without that song, the rest
barely fits on a single CD.

--Set 1--
101 - Iko Iko
102 - Feel Like a Stranger
103 - Franklin's Tower
104 - New Minglewood Blues
105 - Peggy-O
106 - Addams Family Tease
107 - WheN I Paint My Masterpiece
108 - West L.A. Fadeaway
109 - Let It Grow

--Set 2--
201 - tuning
202 - Gimme Some Lovin'
203 - Playing in the Band >
204 - He's Gone >
205 - Spoonful >
206 - Jam >
207 - Drums & Space >
208 - The Wheel >
209 - Truckin' >
210 - Wharf Rat >
211 - Turn On Your Lovelight

--Set 3--
301 - Maggie's Farm
302 - Dead Man Dead Man
303 - Watching The River Flow
304 - Simple Twist of Fate
305 - The Ballad of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest
306 - Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
307 - Heart of Mine
308 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
309 - Rainy Day Women #12 & #35
Queen Jane Approximately [removed due to official release]
310 - Ballad of a Thin Man
311 - Highway 61 Revisited [Jerry Garcia on slide guitar]
312 - Tangled Up In Blue

313 - Touch of Grey [with Bob Dylan on guitar] [this track is from the audience source]
314 - All Along The Watchtower

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Free live in Sheffield 1972 - 2CD - February 3

Sheffield City Hall
02.03.72 - Sheffield, England

Paul Rodgers-vocals
Andy Fraser-bass, piano
Paul Kossoff- guitar
Simon Kirke-drums

Sound Quality: B+

Disc 1:
1. Travellin' Man (4:15)
2. Ride On A Pony (4:42)
3. Lady (4:18)
4. Be My Friend (6:03)
5. Fire And Water (4:28)
6. Mr. Big (6:36)
7. The Highway Song (5:25)
8. Hold On (5:32)

Disc 2:
1. Heavy Load (5:59)
2. My Brother Jake (2:53)
3. Soldier Boy (3:09)
4. The Hunter (5:46)
5. Songs Of Yesterday (4:07)
6. All Right Now (6:17)
7. Crossroads (6:55)
8. I'm A Mover (4:05)
9. Catch A Train (3:46)

Here's a generally uncirculated show from Free during the UK leg of the Free At Last tour.For the time period, and equipment used to record the show, it's a good listen. The trader who sent it to me rated it as having B+ sound. Having heard a lot of Free boots, it's a really good B+ and has clear, good sound throughout. If you know the Free story, you'll know that Kossoff was in pretty bad shape at this point, and that the At Last album and tour were something of an attempt to help him get it together. He's occasionally a bit out of tune, and hits a few clams here and there, but it doesn't detract from the energy of the band and the overall performance.
This features a pretty rare song in Lady, which Rodgers identifies as something new that they're giving a try. It pops up on a few of the UK 1972 boots, as it does here with Andy Fraser on bass and then again on some Japan shows with Tetsu on bass from later that year. Seems they didn't play it during the US shows from late Spring of that year. It also includes Hold On from the Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, and Rabbit album.Hearing Rodgers sing this is obviously an upgrade from the album version.
Thanks to the original taper, the person who generously made it available to me, and to the performers. Please support any of these musicians who are still in the land of the living by paying to see them play and by purchasing their commercially available material.


d1 Track01.flac:f7ff0c7d8d5ea2f3295eae48d89b1727
d1 Track02.flac:f144295c3785520a808daa3379846804
d1 Track03.flac:ce7b56d6d93d11d2aefb19f9778868da
d1 Track04.flac:17edbb2fa10276aaeae825b0080c8a84
d1 Track05.flac:c4c28c2012b414e126d22ce8018ce08f
d1 Track06.flac:5229c02d747e0fd55c76f101c3ee851f
d1 Track07.flac:5203cb339005d57686eb0128ff502673
d1 Track08.flac:fc1785adea77a2c2484be5eb36f582e0
d2 Track01.flac:adab59e8bb69ec7e60f1ae0d21fe6dd5
d2 Track02.flac:cfbd68797eeccbd1b76c2159487293d6
d2 Track03.flac:392ab7d2c23ac51b71a46ef52cffccf3
d2 Track04.flac:9d1d35cd7d7067cd13e862ccc9df4c69
d2 Track05.flac:b34ec27972a356965a4fb4373f152308
d2 Track06.flac:1332649716b131220bbcc0861aa14a94
d2 Track07.flac:23de26c76c9a3dc5f2b59dd9c5348bd4
d2 Track08.flac:809b9029a67383610add9607ab6ddbf3
d2 Track09.flac:8575382ae8d1f1631a930ddde5a8e0e6

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Etta James & Bob Dylan live in Providence 1986 - 1CD - July 10 - soundboard

Etta James and Bob Dylan
Marriot Hotel
Providence, RI

July 10, 1986

Source: Soundboard > Cassette Master > DAT

Transfer lineage:
Sony DTC-ZE 700 DAT Deck > Optical Cable > JVC XL-R2010 Standalone CD-RW (44.1)

Editing: Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George


Today I'm offering a fresh transfer from my DAT.

I know there have been other versions circulated in the past, but none seem to sound as strong or have a lineage quite like mine does.

This was a jam session in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel, well after midnight. Dylan was headed for Hartford the next evening.

I'm not sure why Etta was in Providence, maybe she had a gig earlier that night.

Etta sounds like she's been drinking and does most of the singing.

Bob Dylan makes an attempt at singing "Earth Angel". Bob practices it first and then there is a tape stop.

The tape resumes as Bob's voice abruptly cuts in at the beginning of track 06.

There is also an unknown female back up singer, who is actually quite good during her brief moments, esp during "Goodnight Sweetheart".

One of the highlights is having a rare appearance of Shuggie Otis on lead guitar.

All in all this is a butcher of a performance, I guess the amazing fact is that it was even recorded.

Bob Dylan - [vocal & guitar]
Etta James - [vocals]
Jack McDuff - [organ]
Shuggie Otis - [guitar]
Richard Reid - [bass]
Paul Humphrey - [drums]
Unknown female back up singer, at times out shines Etta.

Set list

01 You Win Again
02 I'm A King Bee [false start]
03 I'm A King Bee
04 Let The Good Times Roll
05 Earth Angel [warm up]
06 Earth Angel
07 Goodnight Sweetheart

Total Time 30:49 min



01 You Win Again.flac:8b6921eb1a3ea9a0609d74a47112ab1b
02 I'm A King Bee [false start].flac:9c3bafad0e6d5d00ce1893a780d08a66
03 I'm A King Bee.flac:08cf50c2a029b5703696afb999103723
04 Let The Good Times Roll.flac:0cb747560bd9c8c89c8a924f0beadb8f
05 Earth Angel [warm up].flac:2d0302ab5965dce39ecf745124985c52
06 Earth Angel.flac:d1121d4a573989d64574da3761221c10
07 Goodnight Sweetheart.flac:a52aabdbe02da982831573c87327c241

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Elvis Costello live in New York 1983 - 2CD - August 10

Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Pier 84
New York, NY

August 10, 1983

Source: Aiwa mics > Sony WM-D6c > 1st generation cassette

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > WAV > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8

The Stonecutter collection 183

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue


This comes from a Sony D6 recording, but I had it on 2 different copies.

Tracks 1 thru 24 are a 1st generation copy.

Tracks 25,26,27 are from the master tape.

The tape flip is between tracks 13 & 14.

This is one of the longer Elvis shows.

The quality is really good on this.

I hope you Elvis fans enjoy this.

Elvis Costello
The Attractions
Steve Nieve - keyboards
Bruce Thomas - bass
Pete Thomas - drums
The TKO Horns
Dave Plews - trumpet
Paul Speare - tenor saxophone
Jeff Blythe - alto saxophone
Jim Paterson - trombone

01 Let Them All Talk
02 Possession
03 Watching The Detectives
04 Secondary Modern
05 The Greatest Thing
06 Man Out Of Time
07 Riff Riff Riff
08 Kid About It
09 Mystery Dance
10 Shabby Doll
11 Pidgin English
12 Hand In Hand
13 New Lace Sleeves
14 Shipbuilding
15 Big Sister's Clothes
16 You Belong To Me
17 Clubland
18 Everyday I Write The Book
19 Watch Your Step
20 Back Stabbers > King Horse
21 Clowntime Is Over
22 Tears Before Bedtime
23 High Fidelity
24 TKO (Boxing Day)
25 Alison
26 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
27 Pump It Up

Total Time = 102:36 min

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Elvis Costello live in Portsmouth 1978 - 2CD - April 12

Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Portsmouth, England
April 12, 1978

Tour: 1978 UK

Source: unknown mics/recorder > unknown generation cassette

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz) (transfer by kingrue)

Tape courtesy: Stonecutter Archive

Running Time: 1:19:21
498.2 MB
16 bit

Transfer assisted by: TAKRL
- .- -.- .-. .-..

Conduit to the information super highway: extrapail


kingrue notes:

Bruce Thomas cut his hand, so Elvis plays first 4 songs solo until Nick Lowe shows up to play bass. Phil Lynott also guests.

01. Chemistry Class - EC solo 3:44
02. Sunday's Best - EC solo 2:06
03. Big Boys - EC solo 2:51
04. Green Shirt - EC solo 2:46
05. Radio Sweetheart - EC solo 2:17
06. Hoover Factory - EC solo 1:59
07. Radio, Radio - EC, Steve & Pete 2:49
08. Welcome To The Working Week - EC, Steve & Pete 1:34
09. Alison - EC, Steve & Pete 2:48
10. Stranger In The House - EC, Steve & Pete 3:40
11. I'm Not Angry - EC, Steve & Pete 8:07
12. Waiting For The End Of The World 3:53
13. No Action 2:17
14. This Year's Girl 3:25
15. Lip Service 2:30
16. Less Than Zero 3:15
17. The Beat 3:29
18. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes 2:28
19. Miracle Man 3:27
20. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea 4:23
21. Pump It Up 3:22
22. Watching The Detectives 5:40
23. You Belong To Me 3:00
24. Mystery Dance 3:20

NOT on this tape, but listed as a song in the setlist:
25. Heart Of The City - Nick Lowe vocal

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Elvis Costello live in San Francisco 1978 - 1CD - June 7 - soundboard

Elvis Costello & The Attractions
June 7, 1978
San Francisco, CA

Combination of pre-broadcast KSAN 15 ips reel and off-air reel master. Excellent sound quality.

01 [02:16] KSAN DJ intro > Mystery Dance
02 [02:24] Lip Service
03 [02:42] The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes
04 [03:39] Goon Squad
05 [03:25] Less Than Zero
06 [03:42] Blame It On Cain
07 [03:32] The Beat
08 [03:15] This Year's Girl
09 [03:56] I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea
10 [03:11] Pump It Up
11 [00:30] talk: intro to next song
12 [02:29] Radio Radio
13 [04:40] Lipstick Vogue
14 [06:09] > Watching The Detectives
15 [03:07] Party Girl
16 [02:35] You Belong To Me
17 [01:36] thanks & crowd before encore
18 [05:08] I'm Not Angry
19 [00:15] final goodnight & crowd
total time: 58:31

lineage: tracks 1 > 9 from pre-broadcast KSAN 15 ips reel.
tracks 10 > 19 from off-air Dolby B 3.75 ips master reel.

> Pro Tools (normalization, minor "nip & tuck" edits & tracking) > AIFF. FLAC files (level 8) created with xACT (sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

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Bo Diddley live in Amagansett 1993 - 3CD - August 1

Bo Diddley
Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett. NY
August 1, 1993

Early and Late Show

Source: Sony stereo clip mic > Sony WM-D3 > Cassette Master (Maxell XL-II)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8

The Ken G. Collection 287

Transferred, Channels Balanced and Tracked by kingrue


Today we have a new Bo Diddley recording being offered. Two full 90 minute tapes.

Let me start off by saying this is really nice quality and worthy of being in your collection.

I've seen Bo Diddley on a few occasions and still need to get my recordings put into circulation.

Thanks goes to Ken G. for taping these shows, splendid recording.

Set list credit goes to Joebeacon & isotope feeney

Set 1 = 92:37 min
101-I'm Ready, She's Tuff
102-Big Boss Man (Bo Diddley Comes Out After Big Boss Man)
103-Hey Pretty Baby
104-I'm A Man > Bo Diddley
105-Crackin' Up
106-Put Your Suitcase Down (tape flip @ 6:36 min (end cuts off)
107-Gimme Some Of That
108-You Gonna Give Me What You Promised Me (Bud Light)
109-She Got Another Man
110-Road Runner
111-1950's Melody Of Songs
112-Tora, Tora
113-Hey, Bo Diddley

Set 2 = 92:57 min
201-Diddley Daddy
202-Road Runner
203-Tush Push
204-Gimme Some Of That
205-She Got Another Man
206-You Gonna Give Me What You Promised Me (Bud Light)
207-Put Your Suitcase Down (tape flip @ 1:38 min)
208-I'm A Man
209-Hey, Bo Diddley
210-Bo Diddley Rap (Cuts Out)






Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

maandag 13 maart 2017

The Beatles "No. 3 Abbey Road NW8 - Definitive Edition" - 1CD

Remasters Workshop RMW 281F
Remastered December 2008


source tape > Darthdisc > FLAC > UUnet > wav > Audition 3 > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC > you

"No. 3 Abbey Road NW8" was a milestone in the annals of bootleg history. Previous to 1979, Beatles bootlegs were haphazard affairs, containing pretty awful multi-gen dubs of radio and TV appearances and a few concerts, with the occasional piece of music that somebody thought was The Beatles, and the odd forgery, now referred to as "outfakes." They were pressed on noisy vinyl at low volume, with no quality control of any kind. We were just happy to have them, because they were all there was. Then, this album appeared, issued on Audifon AR-8-69, in a color sleeve. Originals had a green label with the words "Horweite Stereophonie" and the logo of a head with a circle inside it. The sound was excellent. These sold out quickly, and the album was repressed in slightly lesser quality on albums with blank white labels.

Side One contains seven alternate mixes of songs from "Abbey Road." Somewhere, these exist in stereo, but they have never been released that way. These recordings set the bootleg world on its ear, and soon the floodgates would open wide.
Side Two is now commonly referred to as "The Post Card Tape," with Paul McCartney, Donovan and Mary Hopkin in the studio, recorded in the fall of 1968, playing new songs mainly by Donovan, under consideration for Mary's "Post Card" album.

Nearly thirty years after its debut, the fine folks at Darthdisc scored access to the source tape for the "No. 3 Abbey Road NW8" album. It was very nice to hear it, so crisp and clean. However, due to age and other circumstances, the tape is now riddled through with dropouts. Fortunately, something can be done about this problem, especially since Darthdisc's tape transfer was just about perfectly in phase.

Before work began, the .wav files were converted to 32-bit in Adobe Audition 3. Next, all clips were repaired, with the overall level reduced a few dB. Then, cloning took place. There were more dropouts in the left channel than the right, but not all the dropouts were in both channels at the same time. This allowed me to clone microscopic, undamaged portions of the left channel into places with dropouts on the right, which created new dropout-free passages on the right. At the end, the right channel was copied to the left, so they were identical.Then, the speed was corrected to A=440. Only the Abbey Road tracks needed it - they ran slightly fast, while the Post Card tape was perfect. Finally, the files were reconverted to 16-bit. No noise reduction was applied.

Not all the dropouts could be repaired, in places where they were in both channels at once, so a few remain. Overall, the effect is smooth reproduction, in such a way that you couldn't tell that the tape was damaged. And the section of damaged tape in "Golden Slumbers" has been repaired as much as possible. As all operations were performed in 32-bit, the original 16-bit samples of the music remain untouched, and are for all intents and purposes identical to the originals, with no digital degradation. This is about as good as these recordings will ever sound.

Track list:

1. Octopus' Garden (take 26)
2. Her Majesty (take 3)
3. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (take 13)
4. You Never Give Me Your Money (take 30)
5. Oh! Darling (take 26)
6. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (RS 13)
7. Something (take 37)
8. How Do You Do
9. Blackbird
10. The Unicorn
11. Lalena
12. Heather
13. Mr. Wind
14. The Walrus And The Carpenter
15. Land Of Gisch

Artwork is included.

Remasters Workshop
RMW 281F


; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on February 15, 2009, at 13:01:46

01 Octopus' Garden (take 26).flac:0a0798254c82574bcdb597c101436d10
02 Her Majesty (take 2).flac:ed642f94593afa12546ca003a5e620fa
03 Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight (take 13).flac:9424ec22107bf2a253c078a4af127bf5
04 You Never Give Me Your Money (take 30).flac:c5c45092f209704e1c5996ad4ee7df6c
05 Oh! Darling (take 26).flac:bc8d66cd9ff288506c70f2bbd58b9f41
06 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (RS 13).flac:5d980c4c795c68038b5d998246c80b2d
07 Something (take 37).flac:0c1027590aaf6b313fa33687f3671e72
08 How Do You Do.flac:027cd31ea290e1eea9ad53b33732ae89
09 Blackbird.flac:a69e87a02d96b97577afbd2a9f84f83f
10 The Unicorn.flac:0dfc4eb537e790652e1847f77ee3ef93
11 Lalena.flac:d395ae7f938acea256446cdb2670cfaa
12 Heather.flac:c086478fb228d02dad859b050180db70
13 Mr. Wind.flac:fc80f0e1eda25e63f969c9e6bc94832b
14 The Walrus And The Carpenter.flac:e6298d74252194701f7fe8c4a00f95a6
15 Land Of Gisch.flac:78ace98a4dd79e65d109678414c56998

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The Beatles "For No One" - 1CD - the best of The Beatles' private recordings

The Beatles - For No One (The Best Of The Beatles' Private Recordings 1960-69)
Secret Trax CD ST99011 Bootleg 1999


01. Strawberry Fields Forever (At John's home, Kenwood, in Surrey., Nov 1966) 02:08
02. All Things Must Pass (Abbey Road Studios, London., Demo, 25 Feb 1969) 03:06
03. I Saw Her Standing There (At the empty Cavern Club in Liverpool., Rehearsal, Oct 1962) 03:11
04. Circles (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 02:16
05. Down in Eastern Australia (At John's home, Kenwood, in Surrey., 1967 or 1968) 00:18
06. Michelle (Home Recording, Sep/Oct 1965) 00:59
07. Hello Little Girl (Probably at the McCartney home in Liverpool., April/May 1960) 01:53
08. Back in the U.S.S.R. (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 02:58
09. She Said. She Said (At John's home, Kenwood, in Surrey., 1965/1966) 01:05
10. You Know What to Do (unidentified, 03 Jun 1964) 02:00
11. Step Inside Love (At Paul's home in St. John's Wood., Nov/Dec 1967) 02:29
12. One After 909 (At the empty Cavern Club in Liverpool., Rehearsal, Oct 1962) 03:20
13. We Can Work it Out (At Paul's home in St. John's Wood., Sep/Oct 1965) 00:43
14. Mellotron Improvisation (At John's home, Kenwood, in Surrey., 1967) 01:50
15. Sour Milk Sea (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 03:34
16. Bad to Me (Possibly at Dick James Music in London., Acoustic Demo, May 1963) 01:29
17. Junk (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 02:35
18. A Case of the Blues (At Ringo's Montagu Street apartment in London., Acoustic Demo, Dec 1968) 02:54
19. Old Brown Shoe (unidentified, 25 Feb 1969) 03:05
20. I'll Follow the Sun (Probably at the McCartney home in Liverpool., Apr 1960) 01:46
21. Everyone Had A Hard Year (At Ringo's Montagu Street apartment in London., Dec 1968) 01:41
22. Spiritual Regeneration (At the Maharishi's ashram in Rishikesh, India., 15 Mar 1968) 02:48
23. I'm in Love (unknown location, John Lennon piano demo, Jul 1963) 01:31
24. Catswalk (At the empty Cavern Club in Liverpool., Rehearsal, Sep 1962) 01:26
25. Good Morning. Good Morning (At John's home, Kenwood, in Surrey., Jan/Feb 1967) 01:06
26. Not Guilty (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 03:06
27. One and One is Two (At the George-V Hotel, Paris., Jan/Feb 1964) 01:55
28. Child of Nature (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., May 1968) 02:37
29. Fool on the Hill (unidentified, 06 Sep 1967) 02:49
30. Revolution (At George's home, Kinfauns, in Esher., unknown date) 04:06
31. Something (unidentified, 25 Feb 1969] (3:18)
32. Goodbye (At Paul's home in St. John's Wood., Nov/Dec 1968) 02:22



01 Strawberry Fields Forever.flac:6d7a90dae717da1d20709adb4d6ec56b
02 All Things Must Pass.flac:8d4994360e43989bef87b74468a02bde
03 I Saw Her Standing There.flac:2c734dc375c4a03faa4e6320579ca7b7
04 Circles.flac:172b7283e4663e9af010e2c7b1b1d5c6
05 Down in Eastern Australia.flac:753eeb66f8e4b0cadfcf77a21fa8d5f6
06 Michelle.flac:67be8ce10bba9d95040c616b485a5c66
07 Hello Little Girl.flac:e7df1d7a174b10463e69857e6cd95017
08 Back in the U.S.S.R..flac:62b1399ced697ebde66635ef3f96f493
09 She Said, She Said.flac:4bd62144d89b76240b449fdcc3d52164
10 You Know What to Do.flac:0f080e3b86891e99469a6d82fdf85257
11 Step Inside Love.flac:c158f6076e66498d43822b02356ebea1
12 One After 909.flac:6f89c431f1f23db1dd5c7568febde3fc
13 We Can Work it Out.flac:cd5e05a44ef1c88d921fec5c85a62b19
14 Mellotron Improvisation.flac:786e327b34ec3bff4ce1b770891cf996
15 Sour Milk Sea.flac:15b124356737072704050dce35b64e40
16 Bad to Me.flac:c1be4cede37f1143aa8eef6beae16ab4
17 Junk.flac:0a972977cfe90e6ecd306b1462a3abce
18 A Case of the Blues.flac:3dc30456fbdae7d57485a1cd133edc73
19 Old Brown Shoe.flac:86a23198cd73e87a3ea6f1bff2c881bc
20 I'll Follow the Sun.flac:63acb269036526682846146a3d00cedc
21 Everyone Had A Hard Year.flac:cca0419073bc1fd8ff809128aa4dd48a
22 Spiritual Regeneration.flac:ff5270fcd40f15bf20691542a6d59d6b
23 I'm in Love.flac:d6833f913790e3856e5983ea0bc5d029
24 Catswalk.flac:e978ab60f3ad6854cd42caa8d8e4756d
25 Good Morning, Good Morning.flac:dbc0dd19e7947b24e7b4c9174d93fc04
26 Not Guilty.flac:6ee8c39e727c5b8b1136fb41101ff9c9
27 One and One is Two.flac:617e204f1be243ef61ed2ef7c98447a8
28 Child of Nature.flac:0fb6ad5dcf2cef071f317ecaece0a306
29 Fool on the Hill.flac:12d91d6282e1d782bd93380fedd24185
30 Revolution.flac:c85eb8dfc84c247ddb8501a07834320c
31 Something.flac:adfecbd1f4a491d66c68c1a8cde90ddf
32 Goodbye.flac:a0284f7acf92c25900542fc78fd7cca1

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