vrijdag 16 juni 2017

Pearl Jam "The Late Show with David Letterman" 2002 - 1CD

Pearl Jam
Ed Sullivan Theater - The Late Show with David Letterman
New York, NY
November 14, 2002

Source: TV Broadcast (cable) > RCA TV > A/V OUT Jacks from TV > Sony DCR-TRV820 > Digital8

Audio: Digital8 > Sony DCR-TRV820 > FireWire > Adobe Premiere 6.0 > Cool Edit Pro (48KHz>44.1KHz)* > WAV


Set 1:

I Am Mine

Set 2:

Save You**

Recorded and encoded by Ted Underhill

*Digital8 and DV record digital audio in 48KHz.  This has been resampled to 44.1KHz using Cool Edit
Pro at the highest quality, for compatibility with Audio CD, VCD, and SVCD

**These were both recorded on November 14th.  The Late Show tapes 2 shows on Thursday: one to
air Thursday night and the other to air on Friday.

Download this bootleg here

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