vrijdag 16 juni 2017

Rolling Stones "1989 Tour Rehearsals in Philadelphia" - 2CD - August 29 - soundboard

The Rolling Stones
Dead Man Cumming
Label: The Eternal Records
29th August:1989 Tour Rehearsals SBD > FLAC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, John F. Kennedy Stadium.

Disc 1:

01-Start Me Up
04-Sad Sad Sad
05-Undercover of the Night
06-Harlem Shuffle
07-Miss You
08-Tumbling Dice
09-Ruby Tuesday
10-Play With Fire
11-Dead Flowers
12-One Hit (to the Body)
13-Mixed Emotions
14-Honky Tonk Woman
15-Rock and a Hard Place

Disc 2:

01-Midnight Rambler
02-Can't Always Get What You Want
03-Little Red Rooster
04-Before They Make Me Run
06-Paint it Black
07-2000 Light Years From Home
08-Sympathy for the Devil
09-Gimme Shelter
10-It's Only Rock and Roll
11-Brown Sugar
13-Jumpin' Jack Flash

Comments by Geetarz: Beautiful, close miked soundboard recording - far better than the mixed-for-broadcast recordings.

Download this bootleg here

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